As for the original question. On some games, you can do them extremely fast and perfectly, but you can’t get a high score unless you go to the next levels. I also want to say, do anything to make your life better and more interesting, it worth it. This is after a month Still no LPI increase. Why is my bank asking for references?

Let the search begin. I do feel that brain training is great, but the way this system is designed is flawed. If I file bankruptcy could I get my car back? If you don’t play each game a few dozen times on the first day , you are going to always see a huge rise in BPI over the first few weeks. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. I spent the first week getting introduced to the games, playing them one to three times at most. And there are some- few and far between- that have been worth reading.

What would be my percentile ranking?

lumodity Answered May 7, Hi guys, What most of you describe is well known in the process of learning. It can be averxge in the form of a learning curve. The problem with that is there is probably not enough people in that age group using the site.


Is it a good Lumosity score? Well, the out of part helps. I prefer the games where there is no level, and no prior playing is required to get a good score.

From Lumosity, is my BPI score good?

Login or Sign Up. My initial results are within the 96th percentile of my averabe group with an overall LPI ofSolving Video of me playing Memory Matrix Submit a new link. On some games, you can do them extremely fast and perfectly, but you can’t get a high score unless you go to the next levels. I’m 16, and 26 is the cognitive peak.

HappyKlown, what about when I poured myself into it for a few weeks when I was off rpoblem Answered Jun 21, Does Lumosity improve your life?

Score Comparison! How do you stack up? : lumosity

Today’s Posts Member List. Maybe memory isn’t so great after all?

Isnt good score just marketing trick to feel good about yourself and continue with payments? So along with the kicking of one long-lingering bad habit that contributed to the mental fog, Lumosity became my first test with personal investment. Because, Im a little bit suspicious I really regret stopping, i wonder what score i sklving be at now if I haven’t stopped.


And b if you did, have rpoblem Assuming an error rate as high as 4X statistical statement in the upper bounds s would be a pretty safe bet.

The training does have its flaws which makes you think you are gaining huge amounts, but all that aside you are growing.

average lumosity problem solving bpi

From Lumosity, is my BPI score good? I’ve seen it twice in the theater.


First thing, Happy new year: Age 16 is at about the same level as age My scores as of today. IMHO comparing scores with other people, however, isn’t a good indicator of relative intelligence e.

What’s the average Lumosity BPI score for teens?

average lumosity problem solving bpi

I only use the free version. You may actually be improving, but the BPI isn’t really indicating your true potential on those games.