The financial services provided through mobile phone are named as Mobile Financial Services which is completely different from the traditional concept of SMS banking because of it has used a totally new procedure to conduct various services. The impact of customer satisfaction is another area to determine customer attitude. The correlational analyses are shown in Table 3: Brac Bank introduces TVC to capture the customer. The design of the questionnaire is in Likert scale, Rank order scale, Semantic differential scale.

What is your name? A reduction in service costs can then be expected to increase satisfaction with bKash. Thank you for reading! Perceived value communication bKash offer satisfaction efficiency level Perceived value 1 -. Mobile banking helps to promote the activities of Banks, financial institutions transaction, stocks through using mobile sms or mobile website includes accessing to customized information, administer the account and credit transfer.

This study is for measuring the satisfaction level of using the services of bKash.

bkash case study

Factor 1 accounts for a variance of 1. Moreover, perceived risk need to be understood and remove to make the customers more motivated to accept mobile banking.

UIUX case study: Mobile banking app redesign concept

Shajahanpur, Shymoly, Basabo, Savar, Dhaka alone. So please feel free to provide your opinions. Few users also reported that their account has been hacked couples of time for the weak security system. caxe

The questionnaire was starting with demographic information such as name, age, occupation, education, income and address.

The total variant accounts for by all four variables 4. Brac Bank can also promote and sell their products and services like debit card, ATM cards, loans, credit card etc.


A conversation between the three of us team members that drove us to redesign a new concept for a pioneer of mobile banking app in Bangladesh.

We hypotheses that there is a significant relationship among satisfaction level, perceived value, communication efficiency and bKash offers.

Transferring fund between Accounts. During the interviews we sought general information from the students, day laborers, garments workers of different age, gender about mobile banking and asked them to discuss the reasons bksh using bKash.

Journal, articles, goggles information, website information, books, internet etc.

bkash case study

Research methodology of this study is descriptive in nature. Weak security system— Some of the users have the objection that they feel insecure about the security of the app. Proposed Model for bKash Chapter Three: The design of the questionnaire is in Likert scale, Rank order scale and Semantic differential scale. Methodology is a system of broad principle from which specific procedures may be imitative to interpret or solve different problems within the scope of a particular discipline.

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At first we measured the customer satisfaction bkashh but when we started to search about this topic we found that there is not only satisfaction but also dissatisfaction.

We appreciate your feedback. Table 3 shows that in bKash perceived value, communication efficiency and bKash offers were found to be statistically significantly co-related with customer satisfaction.

In this research, the reliability co-efficient for perceived value is.

bkash case study

Thank you for reading! People who caze a mobile and a bkash caes can utilize all of the facilities provided by bKash. Click here to sign up. We would like to thank our course instructor, Raisul Islam, Department of Marketing, Jahangirnagar University from the core of our heart for his kind support, guidance, constructive, supervision, instructions and advice and for motivating and inspiring us to do this paper.


Mobile banking, Financial service provider, Customer attitudes. Many people heard about mobile banking but yet have not felt that they should use it as they are happy with the traditional banking system. Table 3 shows the application of common factor analysis. This research is based on primary and secondary data.

UIUX case study: Mobile banking app “bKash” redesign concept. (Step by step process)

It cuts down on the cost of tele – banking and is more economical. It takes time to understand for new users. Open ended and close ended both types of questions have been used to obtain primary data. As a human being, every one of us does mistakes and we believe here also may have some mistakes and doing mistakes is a part stkdy learning.