The technical panel recommended the use of the ACM style of citation and bibliographic entries for thesis and capstone project. The Dean assigns qualified and competent faculty members who will constitute the proposal hearing panel. Project Working Title Form which will then indicate the name of the appropriate adviser as decided by the team of advisers together with the proponents. The first chapter should describe the importance of the study, the expectation and its impact on the specific areas once it is completed. See Appendix C e.

One implication of this characteristic is that a graduate of an IT program should be the first one to take responsibility to resolve a computing need, no matter what source or description of the problem, and what solution that is eventually adopted. A tentative date for the oral defense may be set on the mutual consent of all involved. See Appendix D f. Being able to predict how IT application is likely to change the user environment would help ensure successful design. A draft copy can be first submitted to the panelist for checking whether all suggestions were followed and incorporated in the manuscript.

This page number is used in the List of Tables or List of Figures.

Best Information Technology Capstone Project Ideas & Titles

The letters must be appearing fully formed and the font type must be legible and unambiguous. The verdict is a unanimous decision among the three members of the Capstone Project Proposal Hearing and Oral Defense panel.

bsit capstone project format

The approval sheet should be signed by those formar before acceptance of the Office of the College Dean. Keep a log book recording all project work carried out and details of their project – dates, results, references, calculations etc. Most of the concept is illustrated capsfone a graphical diagram to visually present the structure of the concept of the research or project. Final Proposal Manuscript word copy — filename: Bibliography This is a list of works cited, as well as works consulted but not cited in the construction of the research or capstone project.


See the top of this page for three addresses. We also recommend phone number Helvetica point and e-mail address Helvetica point.

bsit capstone project format

In numbering the text and the pages of Reference Material, numbering is continuous from Volume I to the end of the last Volume. If used, make it brief and centered in one page. The formqt of liquid paper and of transparent tape for patching is not acceptable in any form.

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The proposed computerized system may fall in any of the following categories, but not limited to: Signal Processing such as Image Processing; i. Take note of them: Here are 15 capstone project ideas for accounting information system. The capstone title proposal for information system needs to be memorable.

bsit capstone project format

Define abbreviations and symbols used in each figure d. Use capital letters of the English alphabet to track appendices. Numeration of figures should be chronologically continued throughout the text or whole book. See what other people write about, what has been investigated, and the literature that is available.


In essence, we ask you to make your paper look exactly like this document.

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O ften if you have done any work experience or even had full-time employment you will have encountered many real problems in your field that will need solving. The adviser is expected to: After this, the student is invited back into the session to hear the decision.

It should articulate the motivation of the author s in undertaking the project or thesis. Duplication Processes and Materials All computer typing must be capwtone letter quality.

Limitations of the Study: If there are special hardware e. Creative Project Proposal Template. Present and discuss only the system analysis and design tools that were actually used in the development of the project.

Duties and Responsibilities as the Adviser 1 Ensures that the study proposed by the students conforms to the standard of the College and has immediate or potential impact rormat the research thrust of the university.

Foundations of Computer Science a. The proposed application developed to address specific systems need, the recommended infrastructure and manpower training to operationalize the use of the developed software application or technology if applicable iv.