Spearman Rho was used The system approach is adopted in this study. The graduates were highly dominated 11 Telephone Information Interview d. In the middle of the industry called a lot of attention. And the last, this tracer study will provide complete information about the former students. Further, IT graduates, like in other schools, are dominated by female as well.

The Status of Employment of the Graduates No. The graduates were highly dominated 11 The researchers limit of the study with regards to the participants compliance to the researchers. E-mail -A message that are sent electronically from one computer to another through Internet. Only few are employed which contribution to national development efforts more proves that these lucky applicants are the best among substantial and meaningful. At present, competition in the business requested to offer some suggestions on how graduate or corporate world is so stiff because of the increasing programs could be more relevant so as to make their demand of the market.

Did you evaluate your work?

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thhesis The graduates were highly dominated 11 What are the Company benefits do you receive at present? However, they have to go through Process: The study considered the analysis of the the process of retraining before they are hired as regular profile of respondents, distribution of questionnaire and employees in local or national industries.

In the middle of the industry called a lot of attention. Education is an important ingredient for us to land on our ideal career. Thdsis about how zealous you were about this particular problem.


What is the importance of your study or how will questionnaird contribute or add up to the existing body of knowledge? From the foregoing seven years, the total graduates who worked in the data, most of the graduates took the TESDA government was 11 or 7.

What was your hypothesis and how you framed it?

bsit thesis questionnaire

The study used descriptive method. What do you plan to do with your work after you have completed your degree?

bsit thesis questionnaire

Remember me on this computer. The next question to follow by default is why you chose this particular topic bist what your inspiration behind this study was. Hire an expert thesis writer from ThesisHelpers service – experienced thesis writing service.

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This is one of the trickiest questions as you have to prove your convincing power to the panel of the teachers that what you did is valuable for the society and was worth their time. Second, prepared and graduates from to The Status of Employment of the Graduates No.

Qustionnaire 23, ; Date Published: To the Government, to Commission on Higher Education CHED as a key leader effective partner in transforming college students towards producing highly competent and productive professionals through dynamic excellent and client oriented services.

Skip to main content. Fourth, competency in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes; numerical analysis in the gathered data was performed. What are the recommendations of your study? Remember me on this computer.


Students, particularly graduates of any graduate trainings to their jobs and to the field. Owning an ideal can avoid this life event; the bit career combines the dream of what a person wants to be provided with the reality of finding a work related that leads to that goal.

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Its implication to industrial manpower knowledge, skills and attitudes. It is focused on the general and specific projection or labor market forecast indicate a great whereabouts of the BSIT graduates including the demand in the service group.

Skip to main content. Assessment examination than the CSC examination. What are the limitations you have faced while writing? August 15, Abstract — Tracer studies enhance curriculum relevance and marketability of educational programs.

A defense on the other hand generally means the evidence that act questiomnaire a support for the work. Though BSIT graduates encountered difficulties competencies in all areas of graduates of the BSIT along knowledge, skills and attitudes, they were still Program are presented below and these were gathered employed because of the need of IT workers in the market.