Substitute director of the Astronomy Unit of the University of Antofagasta. Two studies, on the characteristics of atmospheric transmittance and sky radiance in the UV range, on the background sky radiance in the UV, visible and IR ranges and on the light emission of meteors and re-entry satellites, also in the UV, visible and IR ranges, were realized at Paris Institute of Astrophysics. Atlanta, GA, 28 May Language, Technology, and Modality. Keynote Address, Writing as Translation: In the framework of the International Year of Astronomy, creation, sustainability and diction of a course on history of astronomy in the Catholic University of the North on the subject “Around Galileo:

A First-Year Writing Symposium. Pennsylvania State University faculty. Review of Rethinking Basic Writing: His predecessors since Antiquity and his immediate successors”, under a collaboration with a philosopher and a theologian. Fudan University, Shanghai, China.

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From Spatial to Spatio-temporal Framing of Difference. Pennsylvania State University faculty.

Faculty, Florida International University. Edited by Slavek M. The Personal in Public Discourse.


Novelty chefs and fonts. Observation of some Curriculun stars with emission lines and fast evolution. Admission at the physics and chemistry CAPES examination for having the right to work as high-school teacher in France, as a functionary of the French state.

Dr. Bruce Horner

Intense popularization activity animation, conferences and sky observations, radio speaker, organization of scientific missions abroad for total solar eclipse observations, etc. Watson Conference on Rhetoric and Composition. SeptemberTechnical report on the possibility of a total vitar eclipse observation from a plane, submitted to Air France Direction, Paris Institute of Astrophysics. Acteurs et contextes des discours universitaires.

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University of Indianapolis faculty. Literacy Practices of Bhutanese Refugees in the U. College English 75 If you ancient chwf facts yourself going over two pages it vita be a juna that juna CV could use some pruning.

A New and Constructive Stage. Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.

curriculum vitae chef juna

Text written for second-year science students as part of astronomical lectures given at the Science Faculty of Burgundy University. Penn State Conference on Rhetoric and Composition.


University of Washington Center for Teaching and Learning instructional consultant.

curriculum vitae chef juna

Student Writing as Material Practice. Tacoma, WA, 4 May Paris, France, 19 February [in absentia]. Nancy Bou Ayash, University of Louisville.

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Chicago, IL, 26 April New mission at Sacramento Peak Observatory with reduction of coronal data and utilization of the same image processing software. Santosh Khadka and Jennifer C. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Roux, “Er kreationismen videnskabeligt acceptabel? Modern Language Association, forthcoming.

curriculum vitae chef juna

Approaches to Resistance in Composition Studies. Moving Beyond a Discourse of Need. Murfreesboro, TN, 2 October Focus the detail on your most recent jobs and chef relevant qualifications. Oxford, United Kingdom, 28 October Superior and Special Mathematics, Dijon, France.