Given that there is often a tight turnaround with deadlines, some NHS assistant psychologist posts even closing following a 24 hour window or when a certain number of applications have been received, you need to focus your efforts or you will end up feeling burnt out, deflated and fed up of the process — trust me. The most dreaded part of putting the application together is undoubtedly the personal statement which is only 3, characters in length which includes spaces! I will share some of those insights here. Email required Address never made public. Did it make you realise anything about the work? Someone without this is at risk of burning out, so take heed!

Ive just finished a BSc Psych with a 2: Annoyingly, as with most scientific disciplines, much of the terminology used are rather long words, which take up precious space! The most dreaded part of putting the application together is undoubtedly the personal statement which is only 3, characters in length which includes spaces! The drawback to using this approach as I sadly found is that the generic person spec for the Trainee Clinical Psychologist post is 3 pages long itself!!! I also dislike the use of acronyms without the phrase initially being used in full, because we may not be familiar with whatever it is you are talking about. Luckily, some courses do provide a person specification for guidance as to what they require to meet their essential and desirable criteria which is rather generic across each of the courses. I never realised how competitive it is!

Here you are required to outline…. Between the last application and now i think i have matured professionally and have a better understanding of the application process.

I will apply again this year and was always the year i was hoping to make the interview process at least. We sttaement her about getting on in clinical psychology and how to apply for training and assistant posts.

Polishing your clinical psychology job/course application to a shine – Psychology at Salford

By Jenna Condie Sep. Think about how you can convey this in your form statwment weave it in somewhere, obviously within reason and within the boundaries of taste, relevance and appropriateness to the application. Did you ever get onto the DClin Psych course just out of interest? Coaisathing Mental Health Service.


Writing the Clinical Psychology doctorate personal statement.

Thankfully applying to course centres that utilise an entry exam to help filter out people and to identify stronger candidates for interview does put less pressure on the personal statement. Along these lines, I think that the best candidate for any position is probably the person who shows that they understand the role and what is required, meets the essential requirements, and shows evidence of potential and a readiness and openness to learn and develop.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Annoyingly, as with most scientific disciplines, much of the terminology used are rather long words, which take up precious space!

Asking for feedback from psychologists who have recently completed the doctorate program are also great help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Sometimes we see a job or course title pop up and we get ahead of ourselves and quickly see what we want to see, which may not be what it actually is.

However, there is a problem with asking a few people to review your personal statement — rather than it being exceedingly helpful, I found it actually more of a nightmare! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. What makes you you.

DClinPsy – the dreaded application process | Robin Ward

If you think that is a challenge to define in 3, characters, what about considering how the four different centres you apply to will be looking at different things due to statemsnt individual specialties and focuses?! Here I really wanted to outline the many trials and tribulations I found whilst putting together my personal statement for my current Clin Psych doctorate application, and am hopeful I was not the only applicant to experience these challenges!


I recommend thinking about the ten core competencies of clinical psychologists and how you may already be developing emerging skills and experience in these areas. If our time is restricted, we unfortunately have to cap applications in some arbitrary way.

dclinpsy personal statement examples

Clearly this staement be answered in a multitude of different ways. There came a point when after having three different people read it, any more eyes would have become a real headache to consider.

So, for example, I would mention in application forms that I loved the challenge of every day being different when you work with children.

Hi Natalie, sorry for the delay in getting back to you! Include any publications you are an author or co-author on including internal reports or things that stahement been submitted but not yet publishedas well as conference presentations or posters, and reference these correctly using APA or BPS format.

dclinpsy personal statement examples

You are commenting using your Twitter account. For more advice go to: Please feel free to comment or challenge:. That is not healthy and anyone who does fill up their spare time with psychology as well as working in or studying it really needs to take a step back to think about their dcpinpsy.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Fill in your statemwnt below or click an icon to log in: Fingers crossed my personal statement is good enough though — I will find out in the next few weeks how far it has got me!

Being able to write an application to suit both could be incredibly tricky to do, never mind the restrictive character limit!