Landfills are piling up with rubbish and soon there will not be any space left. I then pulled the child to the shore. Dump them into a container and cover them with soil so that they can rot to be used for manure. There are some tips that students can practise to beat their stress. I met my friends and went straight to a game shop. Artistic – showing a natural skill in art.

When they did not know the words, they hummed along. Use a separate paragraph for each new point. Let us all do our part in preventing Aedes mosquitoes from breeding and spreading the disease. The food we eat can make us fit, attractive or conversely, sick-looking. Study the question, notes and pictures given carefully.

Write the article using the pictures and notes below.

english essay topics pt3

Take note of the important details. Disintegrate — break down into small parts and be destroyed. Despite popular, belief, such a lifestyle is not difficult tpoics have.

english essay topics pt3

Raw food such as fish, other seafood and meat should be well-cooked to kill the bacteria. Eat lots of vitamin Ezsay suer as oranges as they are good for your immune system to fight against stress.

Using the pictures and notes given below, write an article about how dengue fever is transmitted. As we said goodbye, we promised ourselves that we would return soon.


Many people are turning to social networking sites on the World Wide Web. When they are recycled, they will be reproduced into new products which can still benefit us. Last weekend, dramas and others, demario jackson pt3. Therefore we need to take time off to relax and rest our minds. There are many negative effects of topiics to the body system. It is a composition on a specific topic written for newspapers, magazines, newsletters, etc. With the help of some of the less disabled children, we painted the walls in bright pink and yellow.

Fifteen members went on the trip, accompanied by the advisor, Miss Zahra.

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As the President of the Nature Club, you have been asked to write an article for your school newsletter about recycling and reducing waste. Using the pictures and topicz below, write an article for your school magazine about your experience at a engilsh for children with special needs. Arrange your points in a logical sequence so that your article flows well. Moreover, it hardly contains any vital nutrients or vitamins and minerals.

One day, his school was having a blood donation campaign and the students were urged to donate blood. Make sure you have a good introduction and a good conclusion.


english essay topics pt3

All we need is to be disciplined in what we do and adopt good habits. Hence, we should get about seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

There were also some species that we were not familiar with. State your topic by writing a clear introductory line. Although his parents and friends had advised him to stop eating excessively, he still ate it tremendeously. It was an eye-opener and turned out to be very enlightening.

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A balanced diet keeps us healthy and strong. We found many rare species the we never met before. Faizal loved to eat sweet food. The ceremony ended well and my parents were very proud of their son.

This gadget, thus, has been invented and being improved continuously to serve the need of people. Based on the notes, you now have a good understanding of the topic. We cannot live without water.