Some of the major relief packages and debt waiver schemes announced by the government are summarised below:. In India, yearly an average of over , people commits suicide. It set the maximum interest rates on the loans given to farmers by private lenders as slightly higher than the money lending rate set by Reserve Bank of India. Additionally, the reliability of official statistics has been questioned. Farmers were entitled to many other benefits under this package. But it can also not be overlooked that the agricultural farm labour too has to bear the burden of the minimum support prices fixed for the farm produce and hence would demand more labour from the producer. According to activists, this created a source of debt and economic stress, ultimately suicides, among farmers.

Some areas which had received rains earlier were already green with new crops of potato, thil, sun flower , local and hybrid -maize and it was a feast to the eyes. In the year , the Indian Government identified 31 districts in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh and introduced an exclusive rehabilitation package to ease the lot of farmers there. According to the statistics, from the National Crime Records Bureau , the farmer suicides statistics are as follows Note: Archived from the original PDF on 24 March We write simple, easy to understand articles, but always ensure high standards of quality. It needs long term plans and fulfilment of responsibility by everyone.

Around some villages paddy saplings were being carried in karnayaka bamboo baskets on heads and the men who were carrying them looked as though they were wearing giant green toupees. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Farmers’ suicides – Shame of Karnataka

Sugar cane crop takes almost a year to harvest from the day of planting. President gives assent to a Gujarat legislation; chain snatchers to face upto sujciding years imprisonment. This has resulted in money beign circulated between the government, banks large and small corporations and politiacians, without any of it reaching farmers, aggravating their woes.


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Farmers’ suicides – Shame of Karnataka

It was the seventh in the last month. Similarly, the productivity of wheat was Where are we heading? They face constant pressure to fulfil wuiciding demands and responsibilities of the family and the stress caused by the inability to meet the same often leads to farmer suicides. The main reasons for this are the growing disparity in the weather conditions, high debts, health issues, personal problems, government policies, etc.

The package provided debt relief to farmers, improved supply of institutional credit, improved irrigation facilities, employed experts and social service personnel to provide farming support services, and introduced subsidiary income opportunities through horticulture, livestock, dairy and fisheries. Crumbling buildings in a shambles, filthy wards, spurious drugs and rampant corruption in health care — the farmers shun government hospitals like the proverbial plague and get caught in a debt trap.

The farm suicide rate was I wondered after crores of rupees investment of government money why this fate!

essay on farmers suiciding in karnataka

The regions that face frequent drought like situation see a major decline in the crop yields. Changes in the macro-economic policy of Government of Karnxtaka that is known to favour liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation is also said to be a cause of farmer suicides. The government needs to look into the matter seriously and take effective steps to eradicate the factors leading to the farmer suicides in order to do away with this problem.

Of these, cases were accepted, it said.

3,515 Karnataka farmers committed suicide in five years

The farmers are forced to take high loans from private moneylenders to grow these crops and the latter force them to sell the cotton to them at a price much lower than the market rate and this leads to increased debt and economic crises among farmers. The cases of farmer suicides in India, just like many other countries, are far higher in comparison to that in other occupations.


This is particularly true among small scale farmers and after periods of economic distress. National Crime Records Bureau director Ish Kumar said that the data is under scrutiny and the report for is likely to be published later. There were just a handful of tourists. Ganapathi and Venkoba Rao analyzed suicides in parts of Tamil Nadu in More than 23, farmers have committed suicide in the state of Maharashtra between and Under this scheme, a total of Rs billion was spent to write off part of the loan principal and interest owed by the farmers.

essay on farmers suiciding in karnataka

The NCRB lists suicides in the different employment categories, but it is not necessary that farming or crop-failure is the cause of the suicides listed in the “farmer” category: Retrieved 2 May A myth or reality?. Karnataka was in the news for the wrong reasons.

The monsoon breeze was fragrant and invigorating. When we reached the karnwtaka we were wonder struck at that awe inspiring sight. Never miss a great news story! This spending was aimed at writing of part of loan principal as well as the interest owed by the farmers. Exam boards mislead on learning levels by awarding them artificially inflated marks The end of Indian secularism Top heavy parties: Foul language Slanderous Inciting hatred against a certain community Others.