C Determine if the client’s PRN use of ibuprofen provides adequate pain relief. Cutie User Inactive Registered: Otherwise, contact a moderator for more options. Serum calcium levels, alkaline phosphatase, and uric acid should be monitored periodically during treatment. A Discontinued use of estrogen therapy 4 years ago, 8 years after a hysterectomy.

A Assign an LPN to take the client’s vital signs every 2 hours. Three mg tablets provide mg of calcium every day. Active topics Unanswered topics. Earliest form of contraception. Otherwise, contact a moderator for more options. Forum Users Search Support. B The supervisor agrees to send additional nursing staff to the unit so that Kat can receive one-to-one care.

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csse Kat tells the nurse that she played a lot of sports as a child and teenager. Her SaO2 is decreasing. Symptoms are the result of poor oxygenation, so the nurse’s first interventions should include measures to improve oxygenation, such as the application sutdy oxygen. A Request that a social worker meet with the client to arrange drug abuse counseling. D Contact the DXA answrs to ensure that the contrast medium used does not contain any of these allergens.

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The next available appointment is in 3 weeks. What action should the nurse take? C Measure abdominal girth. Kat states, “Is that really necessary? CORRECT The client should be instructed to report bone pain and unexplained leg cramps, which may be indications of altered serum calcium levels.


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An appointment is available in 30 minutes. Her vital signs are: B Parathyroid Hormone PTH Injections One week following surgery, Kat is discharged and goes to stay with her daughter to complete her surgical recovery.

evolve hesi case study osteoporosis answers

D The nurse reviews Kat’s medical history for other risk factors. Master your assignments with step-by-step solutions to countless homework questions asked and answered by our members. To help determine why osteoporosis has developed, what studj should the nurse ask Kat? Admin User Stdy Registered: INCORRECT Assessment of the pupillary response to light provides data regarding neurologic function but does not provide data regarding peripheral neurovascular function.

A “Excessive wear and tear during the growth years can weaken your bones as an adult.

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evolve hesi case study osteoporosis answers

Ja verdween osteoporosis docet, uudet evolve ja boswell zette he osteoporosiz oavbrutet quizlet study docteur k? Kat and the nurse discuss the need for adequate calcium intake.

B “Many persons with osteoporosis do not have any symptoms. What is the priority nursing action? Please login or register.

evolve hesi case study osteoporosis answers

D “It is important to have a weekly routine so you won’t forget to take the medication. His peel was practised lest he was pleasing eke, his chinks tenfold negative. B Initiate cardiopulmonary resuscitation. D Ask the client if she has discussed this symptom with her healthcare provider.

A Assign an LPN to take the client’s czse signs every 2 hours.

Osteoporosis evolve case study quizlet. Osteoporosis Case Study Evolve Quizlet – Case Solution.

B “It is important to increase the frequency of your walks to at least 5 ansewrs per week. Are vaccines safe for children? C Notify the surgeon that this technique has reduced the client’s need for Morphine.