Gmarket only provides the trading platforms and systems to facilitate transactions, and is not responsible for it. We use cookies to tailor your experience and measure site performance. Interpark Corporation, our largest shareholder, and its affiliates own approximately Our financial statements are prepared in accordance with U. Korea entered into a shareholders agreement with us, Interpark Corporation and DutchCo, which provides for, among other things, preemptive rights to Yahoo! If not, you can immediately contact our Customer Service Center with the photos of the defective item, the invoice, and the shipping box, all of which are necessary for discussion with the seller. We estimate the expected life of options granted based on historical exercise patterns, which we believe are representative of future behavior.

The largest ecommerce category in South Korea is travel-related products and services, followed by clothing and fashion, and then household goods. Also, the item selectors are usually in Korean as well. We have filed our tax returns for the fiscal year on such basis. Interpark Corporation, our largest shareholder, also competes with us. Buyers can call the delivery company or post office for pick up or request pick up directly on our website for certain delivery companies. Title of Each Class. Our other income increased to Won 9.

We also market our website and services through various advertisements and promotional events.

Communication Between Buyers and Sellers. We believe proactive customer service is the most effective means of achieving user satisfaction, and our success to date has been due in part to our personalized customer service provided to our users.

Address of principal executive offices.

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Any such developments will likely have a material adverse effect on our business, prospects, financial condition and results of operations. To apply for a Korean domestic return or gmarjet, you will bear the cost for the shipping and delivery items with free Korean domestic delivery benefits: I also use their JET integration app Our technology infrastructure stud flexible and enables us to deploy new services quickly and to support our internal operations while also allowing us to gmafket quickly to the changing needs of the rapidly developing e-commerce market.


To meet caxe statutory liabilities, and in accordance with the standards set by the FSC, the electronic financial service provider must subscribe for insurance, become a member of a mutual relief association, or set aside a reserve.

Our customer service is divided into three functions:. Our e-commerce marketplace is located at www. Additionally, sellers may change the quantity and price of listed products quickly and easily, which provides them the flexibility to adjust to changing market conditions.

The support is gmarekt friendly and always trying to help, questions are answered very fast, and products uploaded very professionally. We believe factors contributing to the commercialization of Internet services in Korea include the following:.

If the Korea National Tax Service determines that we do not qualify as a Tax-Benefit Business, we may not enjoy certain statutory tax benefits and may be required to pay additional taxes and statutory interest. Certain banner advertisements are charged at fixed rates. Because all of our trading formats are processed through one back-end system, we are able to deploy new services to our sellers and buyers quickly and with little or no change to our existing technology architecture.

Also, the online service provider may only gather the minimum necessary information directly related to the service it provides. Review Benefits Please write an item review and get max 2 Gstamps or 0. Stud believe we are a leading retail e-commerce marketplace in Korea based on our gross merchandise value, or GMV, which represents the total value of all goods sold on an e-commerce marketplace.

Shipping will vary based caee weight and the area that the product is being shipped to. Korea even in circumstances when certain other of our shareholders would not be entitled to such rights. This heavy gmarmet is likely not sustainable in the long term.

Our data security systems are multi-layered. Listing, advertising and membership fee revenues are recognized ratably over the term of the listing period, advertising contract term and membership period, respectively.


As a result, we may not achieve our desired growth in user base and GMV, which would likely have a material adverse effect on our business, prospects, financial condition and etudy of operations.

How to Order from Gmarket like a Pro!

Although we continue to monitor these changes and take steps to comply with current and new requirements, we cannot provide assurances that we will be able to comply fully with all requirements under current and new regulations on a timely basis, which, in turn, may harm our gmariet and our reputation. The item and its contents listed on Gmarket are entered by individual sellers. Installation was quick and easy and company stusy provided quick support to modify certain parts of integration extension to suit our business.

Almost anything you can think of—appliances, food, furniture, car accessories, cosmetics, and clothing—can be ordered through Gmarket.

gmarket case study

In MayMicrosoft announced that it would not be proceeding with its offer to takeover Yahoo! We estimate the forfeiture rate based on historical experience of our stock-based awards that are granted, exercised, and cancelled. We rely on a combination of intellectual property laws and contractual restrictions to. Any further increase in tensions, resulting for example from a break-down in contacts, test of long-range nuclear missiles, coupled with continuing nuclear programs by North Korea or an outbreak in military hostilities, could adversely affect our business, prospects, financial condition and results of operations and could lead to a decline in the market value of our ADSs.

If you live in Korea, speaking at least basic Korean will help with deliveries. We caution you not to place undue reliance on any forward-looking statement which involves sthdy and uncertainties. Our back-end system, including our GSM program servers and related software and database management software, records and processes all sales transactions.

gmarket case study