Ecommerce has grown significantly over the years in South Korea. Effective July , we changed the terms of our mileage program so that all unused accumulated miles will expire on their third anniversary. It may not be possible for you to effect service of process within the United States upon these persons or to enforce against them or us court judgments obtained in the United States that are predicated upon the civil liability provisions of the federal securities laws of the United States or of the securities laws of any state of the United States. Most of our sellers arrange for delivery of a purchased item with a delivery company chosen by them. Installation was quick and easy and company have provided quick support to modify certain parts of integration extension to suit our business. If the NTS determines that these expenditures are not related to technology development and human resources subject to the tax credit, we may not be entitled to the relevant tax credit and may be required to pay back-taxes and statutory interest.

Specific service providers must register with the Broadcasting and Communication Commission and provide any updates to registration and value-added service providers must file reports with the Broadcasting and Communication Commission and must report any changes to the filed report in advance. Discount coupons can be used, prior to their expiry date, to reduce the purchase price of a product in a purchase. Risks Related to Intellectual Property. Sang Kyu Lee, the chief executive officer of Interpark Shopping, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Interpark Corporation, currently serve as members of our board of directors with Mr. Our general and administrative expenses consist of salaries and other compensation expenses related to our administrative and research and development personnel, and other costs, including professional fees and building lease payments.

We have filed our tax returns for the fiscal year on such basis. Our inability to adequately address the operational, network and system infrastructure and human resources challenges of managing a rapidly growing business may have a negative impact on our ability to implement our strategic initiatives. You may have difficulty bringing an original action or enforcing any judgment obtained outside Korea against us, our directors and executive officers.

We believe these trading platforms engage both sellers and buyers in a trading experience that is more fulfilling and personal than would be possible under a traditional buy-sell transaction. Although we do not rank our buyers by purchase volume or frequency, we reward our repeat buyers by offering memberships in loyalty discount programs. Your ability to deposit or withdraw common shares underlying the ADSs into and from the depositary facility may be limited, which may adversely affect the value of your investment in our ADSs.


Further, we do not carry natural disaster or business interruption insurance to compensate for losses that could occur and any network or system failure, including as a. The BPP will operate on a membership basis, and we expect more manufacturers will join the program in order to strengthen protection for their intellectual property rights.

Our technology infrastructure is flexible and enables us to deploy new services quickly and to support our internal operations while also allowing us to respond quickly to the changing needs of the rapidly developing e-commerce market. We believe shoppers in this market segment are generally brand and quality conscious, while buying behaviors are driven by value and savings. The support is very friendly and always trying to help, questions are answered very fast, and products uploaded very professionally.

Accordingly, you may not be entitled to exercise preemptive rights and may thereby suffer dilution of your interest in us. In addition, the depositary and its agents are not responsible for failing to carry out voting instructions or for the manner of carrying out voting instructions. The App is great! Intwo out of the three days of Chuseok will take place on Saturday and Sunday, so we do not expect our third quarter results of operations to be impacted by Chuseok to the same degree as our third quarter financial results.

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Products and services listed for casf on our website include apparel and fashion accessories, computers and electronics, furniture and products for the home, food and child care products, and travel and leisure services.

We believe that we are well positioned to take advantage of the growth of the retail e-commerce industry in Korea. The largest gmarker category in South Korea is travel-related products and services, followed by clothing and fashion, and then household goods.

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Customer Review 0 Seller Info. In addition, our independent registered syudy accounting firm must issue an audit report on the effectiveness of our internal controls over financial reporting.

gmarket case study

In the case of credit card payments, such transactions are processed through a secured gateway. We may be subject to intellectual property cqse claims which may divert significant resources, require us to pay monetary damages and prevent us from using certain technology that we currently use in our business.


We appealed such finding with the Korean Intellectual Property Tribunal and are waiting to receive a final ruling, but no assurance can be given that we will ultimately prevail on the merits and if our application for the service mark is rejected we may not have the exclusive right to use our name in Korea.

How to Sell on GMarketKorea Marketplace Integration – CedCommerce

Report Please report any illegal, offensive, or inappropriate items on the site. This total amount does NOT include domestic delivery fee. Bookmark your current position! In addition, as the barriers to entry for Internet-related businesses are relatively low, there are many new entrants and potential entrants into the e-commerce industry from traditional and non-traditional retailers, including Internet portals, telecom operators and cable service providers.

We may need to obtain additional funds to make future investments or acquisitions through various forms of financing, including through bank financings or equity offerings, and no assurance can be given that we will be able to obtain necessary gmar,et under prevailing market conditions at such time.

Our inability to prevent such items from being listed, displayed or sold may subject us to lawsuits, sanctions, fines or other penalties, which is likely to adversely affect our business and harm our reputation. Our capital expenditures are comprised primarily of cade of computers and servers and other technology related systems. A reconciliation of income tax expense at the Korean statutory income tax rate to actual income tax expense is as follows:.

We are currently in the process of evaluating the impact of adopting this standard. Duringwe improved our Digital Voucher Market service by including vouchers for movies, concerts and sporting events. This increase was primarily due to a Also, Internet use may not continue to develop at historical rates and consumers may not continue to use the Internet and other online services as a medium for commerce.