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Equations Involving Inverse Trigonometric Functions.

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Please visit the DCC website www. Exponential Functions and Their Applications.

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Word problems will be an important part of the course. Syllabus Homework Old Exams Solutions. What’s new question 4 pe.

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You should always try mmath solve a problem on your own before reading the solution or asking for help. Matrix Solution of Linear Systems.

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Logarithmic Functions and Their Applications. Nonlinear Systems of Equations.

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MATH will be regarded as a base of this course. May 29 — June2. The questions of the common exams are based on the examples, homework problems, recitation problems and the exercises of the textbook. Homework help you to interrupt.

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Determinant Solution of Linear Systems. It will be on Monday The Inverse of a Matrix. Unit Circle and Circular Measure.

Evaluating Logarithms and Change of Base. It will be on April 5, [4. May 15 — The students are expected to develop the comprehension of the course material in English, improve their computational skills and demonstrate writing ability of solutions with logical steps.

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