All the fun Michael’s family had now seems like a dream that never happened. Maya from Canada It was great I was an amazing book and I would read it over and over again. Jassim from Bahrain It is a great book but some parts from the book I don’t understand: Michael is an 11 year old living in England with his mum dad and dog, when his dads work shuts down that had no choice but to move, his dad buys boat called the Peggy Sue. Exciting and fun book. Literally, it’s so amazing.

Domoniqe Mitchelle from London England This book was fantastic. His ship was bombed and he was the only one that had survived. I would encourage people to read this book because it is a real good story. Tilly from England Badly written, boring. I had to make a review and this is the best example to help me and many other children.

Kensuke’s Kingdom

Videos Use these videos as the starting point for learning in your classroom! I liked the end, it was very nice as well as emotional and I’m definetely not going to spoil it. I really liked the book and I would like to read more books like this one!

Chyzancku from France Bonjour! Femke from Netherlands I red this book for my book report for school. I wanted Kensuke to kingdoom with Michael but unfortunately he did not as he wanted to stay in the kingdom. I like this book called kensukes kingdom because it has a lot of adventure in the book and its very mysterious and scary. James from America I think this book is very predictable and uncreative.


Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo book review

Must read this book!!!!!!! Ruth from Rugby It is a great book of adventure. Michael has never been so happy and then disaster strikes when he and his dog are swept overboard and find themselves stranded on an island where he discovers Kensuke, a former Japanese soldier and obstinate homewoek man.

I am ten years old and I read this book in a day. My favourite part was when he got washed up on the shore after being stung by a translucent deadly-defying jellyfish and Kensuke coated him in a soft blanket on the shimmering sand. And the opening clearly and avidly describes the amazing sensation the family experiences when “on the water Mopurgo captures the essence of human emotion which is deftly interwoven through every page.

I like reading his books, they are really effective and are very exciting.

kensukes kingdom homework

It’s a really helpful list of ideas for my guided reading lessons! Maya from Canada It was great Grace from UK This book really kept my interest throughout the whole kensuked. I liked the book Yes I would recommend this book to my friend By Ashley kanzara.

kensukes kingdom homework

This book is very good and it is the best as it is written by its author. Use the sheet that was given to you to help.


Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo

It’s a brilliant book which has a great plot and really kenukes you think. VIiraji from Seychelles It’s a book that is full of mysteries which is why I like it.

Faoz from Dubai The amazing book. Even though I rate the book ten stars I wish I could rate it 30 stars! I heard the jingdom above me in the sails. I love reading Kensuke’s Kingdom and I was wondering if it was a true story?

Kensuke’s Kingdom | Teaching Ideas

kingdpm I luv it because it is so interesting and adventuristic, I don’t know if that’s a word On the island they met a crazy old man called Kensuke. It wasn’t as interesting at the start but most of the class got into it nearing the end.

With no food and no water, he curls up to die.

kensukes kingdom homework

Adam and Rhys from Bradford It was a fantastic book you know just like the colour of magic book. I liked the book because Kensuke really changed his attitude towards Michael. King of the Cloud Forests 8.

It had a lot of excitement and was very nice. We have just finished reading this book in class.