Select 18 credit points from the Specialist units block, the Elective units block or the Management Elective units block.. This unit of study introduces the fundamental digital concepts upon which the design and operation of modern digital computers are based. The specific topics covered are as follows: Transfer functions and stability. On completion of this unit, students will have acquired programming skills and techniques applicable to the development of software used in areas such as networking, computer engineering, language translation, and operating systems. The Capstone Project aims to provide students with the opportunity to carry out a defined piece of independent research or design work in a setting and in a manner that fosters the development of engineering skills in research or design. Dr Dylan Lu Session:

Prof Tony Vassallo Session: Infinite impulse response IIR filter design: Students who successfully complete this unit will 1 have a broad view of electrical energy conversion systems including transformers, DC machines, induction machines and synchronous machines; 2 be able to analyze and solve problems in transformers and electric machines; 3 have gained confidence in their ability to undertake more advanced study in the power area. Fri, 13 May In order to enrol in a project, students must first secure an academic supervisor in an area that they are interested. Cell types, coverage, frequency reuse, spectral efficiency, link budget, power budget, traffic capacity. Matlab based numerical solutions applicable to numerical optimization, ordinary differential equations, and data fitting.

lcre coursework titles 2015

Assessment in this unit is by the submission of a portfolio containing written reports on the involvement with industry. Application of Matlab to simple problems from circuit theory, electronics, signals and systems and control.


Dr Yash Shrivastava Session: Such skills are essential to success in software development nowadays, and are in great demand but courseqork low supply. Students are expected to implement and test some lcrf these ideas on a digital signal processor DSP.

The load flow problem: Dr Swamidoss Sathiakumar Session: Although serving as a general introduction unit, the focus has been placed on scope, time, cost, and integration related issues. A programming language, basic maths. The following previous knowledge is assumed for this unit. Management of shared resources.

lcre coursework titles 2015

These include the various elements of engineering practice, an understanding of the role of the engineer in industry, basic knowledge of the law of contracts and legal responsibility, teamwork and leadership skills, an understanding of the professional responsibilities of engineers, competence in verbal communication and presentations and in reading and writing reports, and an understanding of ethical considerations. With approval, up to 12 credit points of Exchange units may taken in place of other units, towards the requirements ofthe degree.

Completion of this course is essential to specialize in Electrical, Telecommunication or Computer Engineering stream. The following topics are covered: Interactive use with the command window.

Power system transient stability. This course introduces some of the basic electronic devices like diodes and different types of transistors. Omnidirectional and sectorised antennas. Coursewkrk UoS is designed to provide graduate engineers studying for a Master of Professional Engineering degree with an introduction to the professional engineering skills necessary to practice as an engineer.


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Project Work – own time 8 hrs. It is not expected that a thesis at this level will represent a significant contribution to new knowledge; nor is it expected that theses will resolve great intellectual problems.

It serves as an introduction to project management practices for non-PM students. Other aspects such as fibre devices and multiple wavelength division multiplexing techniques will also be discussed. Finite impulse response FIR filter design: It finally offers asset management solutions for modern transmission and distribution electricity networks.

Mr Ted Tooher Session: It also looks at the huge influence of computer-aided analysis of electric power systems and the effects of 215 deregulation of the industry.

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Intensive January,Semester 1,Semester 2 Classes: Prof Philip Leong Session: Candidates must complete 36 credit points from the following Specialis units of study. It is not expected that a thesis at this level will represent a significant contribution to new knowledge; nor is it expected that theses will resolve great intellectual problems. Students will work individually or in groups on an assigned project for the Semester. Introduction to information theory: A revision will be carried out of the use of phasors in steady state ac circuit analysis and of power factor and complex power.