March 24, References: In Activity 7, the students will cite and role play a real-life situation where the concept of a quadratic equation is applied. They will transform a quadratic function in general form into standard form and vice versa and lastly, they will illustrate some real-life situations that model quadratic functions. One group forms a circle and turns around to face outward. If we double the zeros, then the new equations are:

Some of the activities lead them to reflect and to deepen their understanding on the lesson. They should be able to tell that each of those equations which are not linear contains polynomial of degree 2. Solve the resulting equation by completing the square. Area of a circle A r is a function of the radius. Solving Rational Equation to Quadratic 1. Challenge the students to solve the equation that would give the required dimensions of the floor. By extracting the square root:

If the roots are irrational, let them approximate these roots. Give attention to the difference between rational algebraic equations and quadratic equations and the methods or procedures in finding their roots including the extraneous roots.

Formulating and solving real-life problems involving quadratic equations, quadratic inequalities, and rational algebraic equations k. Let the students draw the graph. The students should be able to identify and solve these equations in Lesson 5. Illustrative examples will be presented.

Lesson 8 problem solving practice roots

The negative solution is disregarded since the problem involves measures 2. Guide for Activity 14 1. How do angry bird expert players hit their targets? View Me In Another Way!


lesson 9-7 problem solving squares and square roots

Activity 13 Answer Key a parabola that opens downward b 2, DRAFT 4 64 2. Do You Remember These Products? Tell them to explain how they used the quadratic formula in finding the solutions to the quadratic equations. Read and understand the situation below then answer or perform what are asked.

Lesson 8 problem solving practice roots

Part I items 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, and 16 1 point for every correct response a extracting Part II items 5 square roots; and 6 b factoring; Part I items 17, 1 point for every c completing the 18, 19, 20, 21, correct response square; 22, 23, 24, 25, d using the 26, 27, and 28 quadratic formula. Hence, students need to recall the concept of real numbers and be able to describe these.

They might give different answers.

lesson 9-7 problem solving squares and square roots

All coordinates of points on the solid line are also part of the solution set. Activity 1 Answer Key a.

Solving quadratics by taking square roots

Let the students analyze their ideas and let them process the information on getting the correct answer. The parabola opens upward.

Anything Real or Nothing Real? Ask them to sqares how they came up with the equation that represents the area of the shaded region and the length of a side of each square. Another important application of a quadratic function is solving problems related to free falling bodies.

Furthermore, this lesson has given them opportunity to find the quadratic equation given the roots.

Let the students read and understand some important notes on quadratic equations and their applications to solving real-life problems. The graph is a parabola. Ask the students to give a brief summary of the activities done.


Solving quadratics by taking square roots (article) | Khan Academy

After allowing time for discussion, the teacher has the students in the outside circle move one or more to the DRAFT right or left, therefore greeting a new partner. Their DRAFT understanding of this lesson and other previously learned mathematics concepts and principles will facilitate their learning of the wide applications of quadratic equations in real life.

Presentation Included several Included several Included several Included minimal pictures timelines, and pictures in the pictures in the pictures in the charts in the presentation. Motivate the students by assuring them that they will be able to answer the above questions and they will learn a lot of applications of the quadratic functions as they sokving on with the lessons.

lesson 9-7 problem solving squares and square roots

Assessment Reflections on what they have learned for each session. Clarify the definitions of zeros of the functions and the x — intercepts. Work shown is Calculations are Minor errors may be A limited amount of logical.

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