However, these resources will get you off to a flying start and support you through the topic KS4 Hazards Physical processes. Size of quake The higher on the Richter scale, the more severe the earthquake is. For a named volcanic event, compare the primary and secondary impacts 6 marks. Ready-made Hangman activities Interactive Hangman activities Having trouble using the activities? File name or number.

The area was also located on an old landfill site, which was created following the devastation caused by the earthquake. To introduce students to the causes and effects of earthquake activity. Ready-made Snap activities Interactive Snap activities Having trouble using the activities? Write a report on the Gujarat earthquake. Communication Accessibility for rescue teams. Prediction Forecasting future changes. An activity sheet looking at causes of earthquakes.

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Composite volcano Volcano Case Study 1: Fukushima, Japan By Vicki and Ben. We think you have liked this presentation. This privacy notice explains how your data is collected, used, transferred and disclosed by us. Royalties Payments are made twice francsico year. Distance from the epicentre The effects of an earthquake are more severe at its centre. KS4 Hazards Physical processes. What causes earthquakes to occur?

These resources have just been added and cover key areas of the geography curriculum for key stage Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. The thick jelly like white is the deep hot magma. Secondary effects 63 fatalities, 3, injuries and 12, homeless Upper deck of Freeway collapsed onto lower deck, causing 42 fatalities 1.



This is where as the ground lost its sheer stength and acted more like a liquid as water moved up through the sediments resulting in reduced strength and causing buildings to collapse due to lack of support.

Can you guess from these words? Emdc oceans Continental crust The part of the crust dominated by less dense granitic rocks. Constructive plate boundary Tectonic plate margin where rising magma adds new material to the diverging plates.

What is an earthquake? Resources 48 Pages 97 Blog 1 Please log in or join us to access our resources. Map symbols Map symbols Ideas for learning and using OS map symbols in a creative way including games and create your own maps.

medc earthquake case study san francisco

Shensi earthquake This earthquake years ago on January the 23 rd happened in Shensi china. Your search has returned 1 result. Registration Forgot your password? To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Free samples Free samples Everyone can access all of our PDF resources for free – you just need to register and log in.



Formation Layers of lava and ash are deposited by eruptions. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service.

Secondary effects Potential impact to the city of Hilo, though lava from the eruption did not impact the city Franisco the eruption, lava reached the sea within 4 hours of the eruption and destroyed a village There has only been one recorded fatality from eruptions of Mauna Loa.

These are some pictures of the destruction.

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Shield volcano Primary effects: Global issues KS4 Global issues Browse the topics below vase find KS4 global issues teaching resources, created by experienced teachers. See below for teaching activities based around current news stories, videos or articles. Time of day Influences whether people are in their homes, at work or travelling. Download tried and tested activities, games and worksheets. Newer Post Older Post Home.

medc earthquake case study san francisco

They’re organised in alphabetical order by topic. To briefly explain measures taken.

medc earthquake case study san francisco