Both dancers are renowned for their interpretations of Giselle. I barely knew what the work was about. Sometimes I would try to improve on my make-up and I could spend hours experimenting, to see if I could make a difference to the character. I could not believe that it was happening, yet I trusted her. With ideas of ritual, I made VX for him and used his war service number as a title for the composition.

If there were answers, they had to come from the works in the studio. In its silliness, it is also vaguely menacing. Osipova attempts to master the steps as they are authoritatively delivered via voice-over in English and Russian. Both dancers are renowned for their interpretations of Giselle. She famously identified with the character, and her interpretation of the role, which includes a tragic scene in which she literally dances herself to death, has remained a fixed reference point for all future Giselles. But I feel a little overwhelmed to find myself only the fourth person to pay tribute to the memory of the great artist who was also a wonderful human being:

Canberra brought me back to the rhythm of the seasons, the reasons for dancing and ultimately the memory of my father. And it was only later, when I was able to sit out esway watch the work unfold that I could at last comprehend what was happening.

Tankard has a long association with Adelaide, and it was during her tenure as Artistic Director of the Australian Dance Theatre that the company developed a solid international reputation.

It was difficult to know what she thought. But its response could not have been more different than the response to the expressionist drama of the Wuppertal Dance Theatre.

meryl tankard essay

Dada Masilo’s Giselle is a courageous retelling for our times Enter Osipova, who like Spessivtzeva, has been critically acclaimed for her Giselle. What I received from her, the gift of her teaching, changed the course of my life and set me on a path of learning that will only end with me.


Some of you will remember that Anne Woolliams resigned from the artistic directorship of the company very shortly after this and that Peggy came back to direct the company throughout eesay His photographic and video images created the tnakard world that commented on, shaped, encased, and made the dance possible.

But of course Lindsay Kemp was different, Lindsay was a painter, an extrovert who believed in the virtue of showing it all, who believed that radical visibility was the essence of his art. Sometimes we would come in for the performance and all the costumes would be wet and dyed in an entirely different colour. So there Fankard was in the corps de ballet and Anne had thought I was enough of an artist to choreograph a piece.

meryl tankard essay

Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under Creative Commons license. When I think of all the wonderful people who tankxrd shared their knowledge with me and who have given me the benefit of their friendship, I am reminded of this harsh obligation to combine artistic imperatives with practical necessities.

Expert Database Find experts with knowledge in: Pina Bausch’s theatre was concerned with intensities and the expression of deep feelings.

Great artistic mentors

Two Feet, Adelaide Festival There are many reasons for a dance choreographer to revisit a work from their back catalogue. My ballet experience had emphasised technique, the story and the production of an aesthetic event. But I was no longer inclined to perform as she wanted. The book includes 30 black and white photographs of the performances being analysed, nicely reproduced on glossy paper, but surprisingly, none of the authors refers to these photographs in their essays.

In essy respect, then, the book throws out a challenge to performance makers as well as analysts: They contained so much of the people in them that in the end it was hard to see where the line was between us and the work.


As we worked Pina Bausch sat on the floor and read a newspaper. It is merhl easy for a seasoned practitioner to craft a work, using material from familiar vocabulary. When Osipova, as Olga playing both Essaay and herself enters this world in a calf-length tutu, the juxtaposition of the elegant, Romantic world, and a menacing natural one elevate the drama.

In its silliness, it sssay also vaguely menacing.

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Goals Projects See all Advocacy. It was she who had the vision, she who asked the questions, she who took all the important artistic decisions and who finally shaped the work to be performed on stage. When I came back to Australia, I was offered the mfryl directorship of the company originally founded by Don Asker in Canberra.

I remember that when I was dancing with The Australian Ballet—doing eight shows per week—I was desperate to make little changes with every performance. As it is performed, a work grows, it evolves and unfolds to become what it needs to be. Nicholas Zurbrugg RT post: Write an article and join a growing community of more than 84, academics and researchers from 2, institutions.

Pina never told us what she might have wanted to hear; she never ever suggested answers to the endless questions she asked us. I often try to tell my dancers that there are so many things to learn, so much to discover. As soon as I began working with Pina Bausch, I realised that it was going to be a very different ball game.