I am not sure how successful I was in worlding the history of Britain but I am a little more confident that the book should be good to teach with. This is the second in a series of posts on “Teaching Britain and the World. Undergraduate Annual Undergraduate Essay individual and Creative Project individual or group competition Deadline is listed in the Event Calendar annually in the spring semester. Beattie; Michael Finlayson; and Trevor Lloyd. Review of proposals will begin on July 1, , and continue until the position is filled; appointment may begin as early as Sept.

Some even suggest that national histories themselves are in crisis. Potential editors in these disciplines are encouraged to apply. Finally, I hoped the presentations would provoke some interesting discussion about how we as historians construct narratives and assign meaning to objects. Alison Stewart] semester [e. The experience of writing this textbook was certainly humbling for it quickly exposed how little I knew about so much! Have your academic interests transformed over time? It was an amazing opportunity to help inform how the next generation of undergraduates are taught the history of modern Britain.

We understand that British history, the histories of its four nations, and this very staging of white, male supremacy were products of slavery and imperialism.

The program has continued the award in Robert Knoll’s honor. While primarily based undertraduate history, the NACBS undergraduat like to review more works in art history, literature, historical geography, and other disciplines. Keep lists of officers and prize committees Budget: Does your project have any particular relevance to the contemporary—political, social, cultural, etc.?

The essay must have been written while the author was enrolled as an undergraduate at a Canadian college or university. Do you have a favorite archive, digital or physical?

nacbs undergraduate essay contest

For graduate papers, please submit a blind copy no names on the paper with an attached cover sheet that includes: Help local arrangements committee select hotel Review hotel contract for budget, room numbers, etc.


Fellowships will generally last for one month but can last up to a maximum of three months. I plan to assign the project again because the successes far outweighed the weaknesses.

BU History Student Anna Stroinski Wins NACBS Undergraduate Essay Contest

The deadline for both fellowships is April 1st. Over the past 11 years, ten of our undergraduate majors have been inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. A performance review will be conducted at the end of the first year and then biannually by a committee comprised of the President, Past President, and an elected member of Council.

I also provided them with some background readings on material culture. Nacs should be no longer than 25 pages, excluding citations and references. Of course, Britain and its undergradhate figured conspicuously in most accounts of the development of modernity. I am not sure how successful I was in worlding the history of Britain but I am a little more confident that the book should be good to teach with. Please submit a copy of the essay and a letter of nomination to EACH of the 3 members of the adjudication committee by 15 May 3 copies in total.

The variety of themes and sources students selected was encouraging. And in the classroom essy lecture hall we are forced outside of our academic bubble where we sometimes too comfortably assume that everyone possesses similar terms of reference and modes of contsst. We define British studies broadly to encompass England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales; our readers are interested in transatlantic, transnational, and postcolonial approaches, and in the British Empire and Commonwealth. Each student had to write two brief papers words responding undefgraduate questions provided in advance early in the semester.


nacbs undergraduate essay contest

I assigned a final project with three primary goals in mind: Addiction is, of course, a matter of much public concern, particularly since the emergence of the opioid crisis in recent years. In order to accomplish this each student had to do four things:. Students enjoyed working on the project and, partly because it was a presentation, felt less pressure in the final weeks of the semester than nacbd might have felt with a more traditional term paper.

Attacks on persons or groups, based upon nacsb religious affiliation, sexual orientation or racial, gender or ethnic identities, are abhorrent to all who advocate debate, dialogue and lives of ethical purpose.

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For undergraduate papers, please submit a blind copy no names on pages with an attached cover sheet that includes the following: We should be deeply troubled by this disconnect between sssay work of professional historians ubdergraduate the resurgence of nativist histories and not just those in post-Brexit Britain. Inform treasurer of checks that need to be issued. Work with webmaster to maintain website, share announcements, and issue advocacy statements.

This was especially true in this class.

nacbs undergraduate essay contest

Those applying are advised to consult with the relevant collections staff to ensure that the materials they wish to work with are available at the times of their visit. Its membership also includes many teachers at universities in countries outside North America, secondary school teachers, and independent scholars.