With the proper training and reading the literature, I was ready to be certified as Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician, which is suggested for the role. Great people, good atmosphere. International Journal of Hypertension. The following is the list of scholars from New York Medical College who currently serve as editors for one or more Hindawi journals. Our community is ready to answer.

They were willing to help get the project finished. The most enjoyable part of the job is being able to talk to so many people over the course of a day. The days for the most part were routine, ordering supplies and research animals. This was an excellent program. Important to know the case but interesting acting challenge.

Location is outside of a large metropolis, at an idyllic literatre. But, unfortunately, the scientific-experimental part of the College does not work as intensely as few years ago.

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Professional environment, with room to make friends. Very minimal to say the least. I am a student at a different college, so I work here during the summertime. This was an excellent program. Great Environment but inadequate pay.

nymc literature review

They were willing to help get the project finished. Our community is ready to litfrature. A Comparison of AnestheticsCamille A. Rewarding research experience with various disciplines to choose from.


A nice place to work. This page showcases the research from New York Medical College published in Hindawi journals, as well as the participation of scholars from this institution in Hindawi journals.

Everyone receives four weeks vacation from the start of their employment, plus several holidays, personal time and sick time. A typical day started off relaxing with lots of opportunities to learn new things while attending meetings with experienced PIs. A typical work nhmc includes lots of moving around and talking to people. Union job provides benefits and job security, Jewish institution holidays. My supervisor reciew always available for questions and clarifications.

Small workplace working with various professors. Independent work environment with plenty of opportunities to increase your own skills, critical thinking, and publications.

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The EEHS department is a taxing, day a year job that never has room for slacking off.

nymc literature review

School was in transition. My day’s were largely self-driven. Eventually you become a regular and know almost everyone around the campus, and it’s fun numc be able to interact with so many people every day.


Claim this company page Review this company. Staff was not well educated but did their jobs ok. The problem is you literatur get raises for years. The most enjoyable part of the job is being able to talk to so many people over the course of a day.

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I maintained our records and facilitated payment on invoices. On the bright side, the most enjoyable part being the learning that comes with the experience from great revuew.

Great place to work, friendly students and co-workers feel like they belong and feels appreciated by the level of respect shown by management. I really enjoyed working in this department. Great place to work. Need to set boundaries and take advantage literaature all the benefits offered.