And, have I developed a system to determine whether objectives have been met? Have learners been given all the tools that they will need to learn? Have students been given the autonomy and opportunity to critically reflect and act on what they are learning? What intrinsic value does learning possess? This leads him to create instructor feedback forms, which he gives to his learners weekly. Being a great teacher also means that I will need to be a mentor, as well as a reflective practitioner.

How will this educational experience inform my professional practice? Initially, I thought that the online courses were too self-directed, but I came to appreciate and rely upon the insightful exemplars of current and past PIDP students. I want my learners to trust me, and I want my items to reflect instruction. Learning about feedback instruments and the value of having one done midterm and at the end of term. The forums in were at times invasive and all-consuming, and I had to turn off email notifications on my cell phone to maintain the boundary between course-work and the rest of my life! How do I convey my abilities? I have been working at my own speed, taking one course at a time, with breaks in between to reflect and apply what I am learning.

My instructor, Glenn Galy, asked me to read about different learning theories and decide which theory I align with. I loved the digital video pip and found this very challenging and rewarding. Mostly, I want to get students involved in the learning process. Change is the product of reflection.


I also took away that it is ok to be creative and to be a risk taker.

pidp capstone project

Carl Rogers discovered that the most effective facilitators had a high level of regard for their learners Are there obstacles that will prevent learning? Feedback must be honest and supportive: Learners need to feel an involvement in the process, and relate to or apply what they are learning in a supportive environment Lesson plan for digitally recorded lesson.

Reflection on the PIDP

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I hope to continually take professional development courses to keep me progressing forward so that I am able to instruct adults with the latest technological changes and continue on my learning journey!!

Being organized and having clear explicit outcomes. I had to deliver three mini-lessons that week. Have I specified learning objectives? Newer Post Older Post Home. A very valuable experience pjdp me as this is another way to be creative and to showcase material in the class. Do learners know WHY something is important?

It is the documentation of my journey from considering myself to be a skilled dental assistant through to the realization that I am also an educator, motivator, and mentor. The guiding questions follow the ORID method: However, given the dynamics and diversity of classroom or workforce, no one tool can be applied to all people in all settings.


I had other assignments and projects that were due, and that had greater grading significance than the reflection assignments. I met with similar liked individuals and learned about resources on campus.

PIDP 3270 – Capstone

What brought me to the program? How often are we given the occasion to reflect?

Reflection on PIDP program. I want my learners to trust me, and I want my items to reflect instruction.

ABC’s of Medical Radiation TechnoloG: My thoughts on the PIDP courses

Make learning about their success at meeting or exceeding goals and outcomes. There is a lot of reflecting in the PIDP! Initially, I thought I was a behaviourist because dentistry is a vocation that requires strict knowledge and skills: Create your website today.

pidp capstone project

Everything affects everything and this affects the student experience. I must admit, it was rather weird to watch capwtone deliver instruction in the classroom, so reflecting on my lesson for assignment 3 took more time.

pidp capstone project

I have been working at my own speed, taking one course at a time, with breaks in between to reflect and apply what I am learning. Yay, I met my completion goal of 1 year….