Stakeholders are individuals, groups and organisations that have an interest in the decisions and actions of a particular business. Good and Bad impacts. In the stores with the employees include branch ,manager sales assistant and team leaders. In the other sense customer also like if we give also give them advice or information of product. Published by Eileen Williamson Modified over 2 years ago. Primark works with a variety of manufacturers from around the world to provide consumers with what they want.

For fulfilling these needs and expectation organisation have to take some steps from which all these three stakeholders are satisfied and organisation are also satisfied. Primark uses a variety of methods to engage with its different stakeholder groups. Helps them to budget, save and earn interest. Business Ethics and Social Responsibility. Providing support and help In the organisation every stakeholder is important. Being ethical means doing the right thing. Primark Engaging with stakeholders.

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. What is the best option that the government could use to deal with demerit goods? Also educates women on safety, health and their rights Bringing banking kiosks with finger scanning technology to rural often illiterate communities.

The Times 100 Business Case Studies Edition 16 Engaging with stakeholders.

As a Primark is very popular organisation and it is very famous for selling prlmark things in cheaper price. In these days alternatives have to be their for customers if we provide good alternative then like to do buy the product or service from the organisation. Stakeholders also include all the other groups with an interest in what the company does.

We think you have liked this presentation. In the stores with the employees include branch ,manager sales assistant and team leaders.


primark case study on stakeholders

Below is a list of Business Case Studies case studies organised alphabetically by company. Overall Every organisation have different stakeholders and also have different values of them In Primark has different stakeholders in the full fill their needs and expectation they are doing their stakeho,ders to make them happy. Loyal customers are highly valued. The main objective of primark is to achieve and hold the customer by providing good cxse and service and also offering them good value in terms of cost, choice, safety and environmental impact.

For fulfilling these needs and expectation priimark have to take some steps from which all these three stakeholders are satisfied and organisation are also satisfied. Employees of primark are influenced but also affect how primark treat their employees.

primark case study on stakeholders

In these days the expectation of employees are little bit change because what they want now is job security, good pay, clean work environment and good leadership with understanding. Some suppliers also give responsibilities to the organisation to some survey or collect some data and give them information all what they want then it is easier for supplier to make new product and launch them in the market. The needs and expectations of every stakeholder of organisation are different and the sfakeholders have to full fill these needs and expectation for making the relationship fruitful.

In my point of view these three stakeholders needs and expectation are to be fulfilled.

primark case study on stakeholders

Published by Eileen Williamson Modified over 2 years ago. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. In these days customers wants to deal them with friendliness.

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Helps them to budget, stakenolders and earn interest. To communicate with workers and the communities, in the countries that manufacture the goods, Primark uses initiatives such as the community engagement programme it has in India.


Government intervention to correct market failure Date: In these days if company or organisation is growing each year then every organisation is always worried about how employee think about their job and what they wants and their expectation because if the employees are stuxy with their jobs and everything then organisation is always in lead.

Group Work and Info. In the present world without customers a stakeholdegs would not exist. In the three continents Primark provide employment to more than 7,00, Corporate Social Responsibility- do we need a Statutory Instrument? As a result many clothing retailers, including Primark, source clothes from countries like China, Bangladesh, India and Vietnam where materials and labour costs are lower.

On the other side if Primark start working new suppliers then primark go through a process which is choose by primark for the new suppliers.

They own shares in the company. As part of ABF, the company shares important values.

In contrast, customers have less interest in the company than the shareholders and a lower level of power and influence. In providing these services it can be supported by expertise of environmental, technological and commercial. Every organisation have to do some survey within employees to know about the services and things which they provide them are enough good or not for the employees.