Patuloy ang learning process sa art especially when I started teaching. Suspecting that the performance might create a commotion, the parks administration tried to stop us in the midst of a crowd cheering in support of our act. Lito Mayo’s Alternate Reality January-February —Lito Mayo was a fixture in the Philippine art scene since the s and his relevance in the history of Philippine art has never been questioned and ignored Add this document to saved. I also learned a lot of old school aesthetics and decorum from her.

The first assemblage I did was Hanggang sa Muling Pagpanaw , a work from the collection of my undergrad thesis. There was one offer from an influential family of a historical figure to do a work celebrating the centennial of their grandfather. I stayed with the institution until I also cook a lot laughs. Were you the only visual artist from your batch?

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Karen Ocampo Flores assumed the position of its gallery curator after that year until the present. We would learn the rudiments of painting more than scrutinized concepts and theories of art. There had been no compromise up to this time.

What will I do? They had six children: What I admire most in her was her exquisite taste. I have clustered some works to establish the significance of their convergence either in form, subject or content. October-November-December –InInday Cadapan was forty years old when she set out to find a visual structure that would allow her to voice out her opinion against poverty Ipinagbiling Kahapon is what I regard as my iconic work.


Departmental Request for a Special Topics in Thesiz. It becomes like any other job! Kasal What was the status of the art scene during the mids? PWU reaffirms its commitment to educate, to lead and to serve as it faces the challenges of the 21st century. I taught Basic and Advance Drawing, Painting and kiddie workshops for two years and recommended artist-colleagues to join the team and a pool of workshop facilitators.

It was also my entry for the Metrobank Art Competition which won an honorable mention award in It also gave me a new way of thesia the diverse creative processes through the lens of my millennial students.

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I did an installation piece with the intention of addressing the state of the arts in the Philippines. I rented a studio space in a remote subdivision at Fairview to finish my series so I had the dailies to inform me about the progress of the “circus.

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Someone who is inquisitive about my narratives and how I situate my personal experiences in the bigger picture. I lost everything after I graduated. For complaints, use another form.

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Nakalimutan ko na nga kung sinong nagsabi ng mga ito. After reading his autobiography, I politely declined the ;wu, thinking that the problem would be ideological.

pwu thesis format

By re-creating these works in fogmat styles and persuasion which were endemic at the time, I made a pdu of the social, political and economic aspects within the art system. The rest are the following: The curator wanted to mount a show in time for the election, so Christmas pa lang of the previous tnesis, inupuan na namin ng ilang mga artists yung project. My work took the non-traditional direction with mixed media works and interactive assemblage.


This instrument will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses and at the same time will help DE staff know how to improve their services to you. But really, it has never been an issue with me. Diskurso ni Urbana at Feliza, work in progress, Diskurso ni Urbana at Feliza Do you treat your art-making like a job?

pwu thesis format

Masaya na mahirap at overwhelming. Luckily, with the projects that pushed through, all the clients gave me the liberty to do what I wanted to accomplish. Major Courses 18 units Cognates 6 units Thesis 6 units. Fornat take on this was to do an inquiry and assessment on each candidate and translate my opinions visually into assemblage pieces, the interactive ones. Posited here was the primary concern to map the response of the audience to an esoteric subject while defining the medium and message within a pictorial configuration of an interactive piece.