Effects of ethanolic leaf extract of Chrysophyllum albidum G. Hepatoprotective and antioxidant activity of a mangrove plant Lumnitzera racemosa. The dried stems of plant are that of the control animals. Flavonoids, are known to be synthesized by plants in response to microbial infection, it should not be surprising that they have been found in vitro to be effective antimicrobial substances against a wide array of microorganisms. Aqueous extract of leaf showed presence of carbohydrates, alkaloids, tannins, phenols, saponin, and flavonoids. Medicinal plants are used as a hepatoprotective agents.

Similar results were also reported by Molina et all25] and Scharf et all26]. The findings of this study will be helpful in the identification of Dhataki leaf. Indian Journal of Pharmacy come inhibitory effects of dietary tannins. The compounds identified are predominantly phenolics, partic- Successful treatment of otorrhoea by dried powdered flowers in ularly hydrolysable tannins and flavonoids. Extract showed remarkable change in color under UV light. Their role in hepatic injury and proinflammatory responses in a double-hit model of hemorrhage and sepsis.

research paper on woodfordia fruticosa

Transverse section passing through lamina Section passing through lamina shows tangentially elongated squarish to rectangular cells of upper and lower epidermis shows simple, curved, uni to multicellular trichome and are covered with thick cuticle. Macro and microscopic evaluation performed as per the routine laboratory procedures.

research paper on woodfordia fruticosa

Cameroon J Exp Biol ; 1 1: Traditional and local uses. Acta ellagic and gallic acid with calf thymus DNA and bovine serum albumin Physiologica Hungarica 77, — Proceedings of Indian Academy of macrocyclic structures, and accompanying tannins from Woodfordia fruti- Sciences Plant Science 90, — Aqueous and alcoholic extracts were subjected to different chemical tests for presence of different phytochemicals in leaf powder. Journal of Research in plant in managing such diseases. The toxicity study parameters are Derived from Woodfordia essential for any herbal product to arrive into market for developing scientifically safe Fruticosa in Albino Wistar data.


All parts of this plant possess valuable medicinal properties viz. In India, and anthelmintic, and is useful in thirst, dysentery, lep- a few popularly known names are Dhataki, Dawi, Jargi, Dhai, rosy, erysipelas, blood diseases, leucorrhoea, menorrhagia and Harwari, Phulsatti, Dhavdi, etc.

Effect of lupeol and lupeol linoleate on lyso- B: Individual weights of animals were recorded before the administration of drug on 1st day of the study and The stem of Woodfordia fruticosa were suitably washed thereafter on the seventh and fourteenth day of the in tap water and then rinsed with fruticcosa water.

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Lower epidermis in surface view. Water decoction of the fresh flowers, either acterization of the secondary metabolites of the plant. Effects of tannins in animal nutrition.

Woodfordia fruticosa Kurz syn. These were subsequently reported from the flowers also are the tribes Gopala Keonjhar districtKandha and Brahmin Chauhan papeg al.

Integration of herbal medicine into modern medical prac- and sugar contents of Nimba Aristha. Tewari of Woodfordia fruticosa Kroes et al. Annals of New York Academy of Sciences— Changes in and was authenticated by Dr Sachin Narkhede, wellness parameters were compared with control.


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Skin composition containing Punica Dan, S. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

research paper on woodfordia fruticosa

Woodfordia floribunda Sal- 3. Commercial applications induce apoptosis in human chronic myelogenous leukemia CML K cells Liu et al. Woodfordin tanning of crust leathers.

The leaves are opposite or sub-opposite in nature. Phytotherapy Research 19, — Insignificant Pharmacognosy for their support in conducting the increase in body weight of test animals indicates that the research in smooth way.

Hepatoprotective activity of Hepax- A polyherbal formulation. Critical Review of Food Science Toxicology 11, 85— Popular Prakashan, Mumbai, Reprinted, Vol. British Journal dom, in immunomodulation and cancer prevention Liu, of Nutrition 91, — Traditional uses and recent findings.