Sinabalo Suman — Instead of wrapping the malagkit in banana leaves, it is broiled in fresh bamboo tubes. Maja Blanca A magkakanin would always have maja blanca among the food they sell. Suman Made from glutinous rice, sugar coconut milk and wrapped in banana or buri leaf, these little neatly packed goodies are also quite popular. Neneng’s Kakanin Caterering Service , or plan a trip away from home. A slice of Biko would surely go well with a cup of coffee or perhaps tea.

Go back to the main article: DTI and other private institutions offer training and seminars yearly. The problem and its Background. Aside from its unique taste, Cassava cake is very special because making a one is a very tedious job to do. Bavarian is made up of different ingredients such as: Cafe Snack House Business Plan. Special majas are very creamy and even melt in your mouth.

They often sell it in groups of 6s or 12s and they surely are worth every penny. Special Puto — a steamed rice muffin which is of a plain white szmple but adding certain common Filipino ingredients like coconut milk, ube and pandan made from pandan leaves slightly changes the flavor and completely changes the color of the finished product.

To plxn a quality products and healthy foods for all ages. Forecasting business threats will be useful. Bibingkang Malagkit — a rice cake made out of glutinous rice, coconut milk and brown sugar.

Cuchinta kutsinta — a native delicacy in the Philippines.

business plan for kakanin

In addition we have assembled a pkan of advisor to provide management expertise. Putovarian, Putchoco krema and Kremaberry. CRITICAL RISK Our competitors are all vendors of talipapa there are some vendors who are giving promo but our business is different from them because our all products made of good quality materials that is more affordable than the materials of our competitors use.


sample business plan for kakanin

For us to achieve our goals. Puto krema have different flavors: Cassava cake — a classic Filipino dessert made from grated cassava or manioc, a woody shrub where the starch that is used to make tapioca are derived. Where in we cater the students, employees and visitors with our diverse delectable snacks kakanin and some beverages. Ana Taytay Rizal She study at brgy, Tilnac Pasacao Camarines Sur grade one to grade five when she was grade six she Transfer at Exodus Elementary School she grew up without father because when she was 5yrs old her fathers killed a strangers so we decide to live her brgy because of the threat to her family, Bernadette Musico born on June 30, live at blk, 21 Sitio lambak san juan foodway A.

Ellen Adarna’s ‘evil plan’ against BoybandPH.

Biko is basically rice cakes topped with latik. If you miss getting one at Vigan head over to Baguio City and grab a box from the market vendors who make them at Barangay Irisan. We decided to put up a food service business, cause we believe that food is the no. Variable Expenses Machineries and Equipment: Log In Sign Up. Puto Bumbong — a steamed glutinous malagkit rice mixture which is popular during Christmas season.


business plan for kakanin

Fajardo street Sampalok manila and now here in Taytay Rizal he studied at Montessori school. They are steamed for almost an hour and topped with sliced cheese. The product is known for its attractiveness.

No matter how great the taste of your product, people will still think twice about buying it if it comes with a terrible box. Skip to main content.

It is made from ground sticky rice, sugar, mascuvado, coconut milk and sesame seeds. Order A Custom Essay. Puto krema Marketing plan.

sample business plan for kakanin

Find a trustworthy supplier and forge a long-term business relationship with it. See more of Asenso, Bayan on Facebook. Tasting your own kakanin may involve some kind of bias.

Asenso sa Luto (Kakanin, Meryenda atbp)

Kutsinta Kutsinta is one of the simplest kakanin in the Philippines. To achieve our customers tongues and give them good service and nutritious food that would help their body composition and variety of food that surely enjoy.

The filling is made with strawberry, sugar that you will surely enjoy.