A list of sections will appear. How do I download a PDF or. Once the data are saved, the system will automatically sort the data in reverse chronological order, based on the year awarded. You may also use this box to give more details about your Degree name if you think this information would be helpful to us e. You can also select the question mark? If the funding organization is not listed, select “Other” from the list and type the full organization name in the box provided.

Only the following entries should be used for Graduate Examination Activity Role: Academic Work Experience Enter your current and past academic work experience. Can I verify my CCV information before submitting my application? For instance, you cannot choose “Other Psychology” in Entry 2 and choose it again in Entry 3. A message will appear indicating that you have successfully uploaded your CCV. We encourage you to allow ample time to review the Instructions and begin entering your data in the SSHRC CCV, as it can be time-consuming to populate the fields the first time.

sshrc curriculum vitae

If you are affiliated with a department at a Canadian university, the department’s mailing address will be entered once your data is transferred to SSHRC’s corporate database. If you are a new user, select Register.

Christian Leuprecht: Curriculum Vitae

Because those who review grant applications and proposals often have to sift through large volumes of documentation, it is strongly recommended and often required that applicants format their Curriculum Vitae according to the guidelines set out by the Ontario Council of Graduate Schools OCGS.

Name If applicable, give the name or a brief description of the award or distinction. Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 8: If it is expected that an upgrade could affect information already entered into the system, a data conversion strategy will be put in place to minimize the impact on users. The information entered in the Current Position screen should not be repeated here.


Funding organization Select the funding organization by clicking on the “List An online demo is available on the CCV website to guide you through selecting and deselecting records.

How to Use the Canadian Common CV (CCV)

List a maximum of 15 other positions. It is recommended that you explain briefly the significance of the contributions listed. Entering information directly into the CCV by curridulum separate fields makes it possible:. You can also select the question mark? The system can be useful as both a means of organizing and quickly producing a clear and concise printout of your CV.

sshrc curriculum vitae

Co-applicants will select Back to Application overview. A confirmation number will automatically be provided on screen once you select Submit.

Most Significant Contributions List up to five of your most significant contributions over your entire career in this case, the six-year limit does not apply.

The highest degree will appear first and all others will appear in reverse chronological order, based on the start date. Total funding is in Canadian dollars. If you wish the Council to use another address in order to contact you, specify it under the “Correspondence Address” section of the Address screen. Feedback and support Complete this screen only if you wish your correspondence to be sent to an address other than that of your current place of employment or university affiliation, or if you have a temporary address.

The CCV is a web-based application that provides a single, common approach to gathering CV information required by a network of federal, provincial and not-for-profit vita funding organizations, and facilitates applications by users to these participating agencies, including SSHRC. Any curruculum interruptions indicated in the Leaves of Absence and Impact on Research subsection will be taken into consideration. If you use your second or third name as your given name, see the examples below cuericulum help in completing the initials box.


Web-based Forms: Registration and Logon

Presentations Presentations that you have given at various conferences and events. In the top menu bar, select CVthen Funding. The information provided in this section refers to your own sshrrc research interests, not to a particular research proposal. The vision and objectives for the CCV are to: Can I import publication data from other sources?

Paul Moore If you prefer to have your initials appear before your given name, you would enter:. By clicking “Submit”, you confirm that all information provided is accurate and that you accept the Terms of Use.

sshrc curriculum vitae

Keywords List keywords, separated by semicolons, that best describe your areas of research expertise. Use of the CCV will lighten the load on the research community in the long term.

When you have completed curricupum section, select Done.

Regardless of your citizenship status Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canadayou must provide your permanent address in Canada, even if it is the same as your Current Mailing Address.