I am a graduate student and I am interested in taking a level course for graduate credit. Say you defend your proposal at the beginning of November; this means that you have to turn in your schedule form to the Graduate School by October 20 th. Say you defend your dissertation at the beginning of October; this means that you have to turn in your schedule form to the Graduate School by September 20 th. Also, contact the Educator Certification Office and the Educational Leadership Department and submit any additional required documentation for the principal certification. Once all required documents have been reviewed and posted to your checklist, your file will be forwarded to your academic area for review. Students must be admitted to candidacy and have an approved committee on file to be eligible to schedule the proposal defense. The graduation clearance process takes several weeks.

Students conducting studies not involving human subjects, animal subjects, or biological agents may begin collecting data after completing RCR training through CITI and after their advisor has granted them permission to do so. Application fees are not refundable. The amount of extra tickets available will depend on the size of the ticket pool but usually no more than 2 will be available. We carefully calculate tickets based on the seating capacity of the venue divided by the number of graduates attending. A request to use courses over six 6 years old but less than 10 yrs old may be submitted by the student’s advisor via DegreeWorks or by submitting the request form for approval by the Graduate Dean. Participation in the commencement ceremony does not guarantee conferring of any degree.

Courses over 10 years old at the time the degree is conferred will not apply towards a graduate degree.


After the review is complete, students are expected to read through the feedback provided by the TDS reviewer and to make the needed changes to the manuscript. You are currently in two graduate programs.

tamuc dissertation timeline

Submitting the thesis by the deadline does not guarantee you will be eligible to graduate in the May ceremony. Please work with your advisor and other members of your committee to schedule and complete your defense.

If you receive initial clearance, you are eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony. I am taking a week course in the xissertation semester.

Doctoral Program Checklist

Your degree audit will be updated with the thesis program requirements. Copy of marriage certificate, 4. On the next screen, select tmuc application if you have applied before, you will see more than one application. Thesis students are not required to diswertation their proposal defense through the Graduate School. Overloads are permitted in summer I if you are taking week courses.

Some programs that require interviews, auditions, writing sessions or have deadlines, will take longer than 2 weeks.

The graduation clearance process takes several weeks. To return to your regular audit: What can I do? Submitting the thesis by the deadline does not guarantee you will be eligible to graduate in the December ceremony.

It takes approximately 15 days from the time the scores are ordered for them to be received and posted. Most documents including transcripts and test scores are posted within 48 hours of receipt.

All minors must be approved by the department and Graduate School prior to starting. After one year, you must submit a new application, all additional required documents, and be reconsidered for admissions by your academic area.

Doctoral Program Checklist – Texas A&M University-Commerce

If you choose to update to the current catalog, please speak to your advisor. Students must have an approved proposal on file to be eligible to schedule the final defense. The dress code can be found via downloading the C ommencement Ceremony and Academic Regalia document.


tamuc dissertation timeline

Financial Aid is available for full admission status. In addition, hamuc syllabus must include enhanced learning outcomes for the graduate student. You may apply for principal or superintendent certification if you are admitted to the master’s of educational administration program or already hold a master’s degree.

Students will have the opportunity to donate dissdrtation tickets back to the ticket pool, which will allow students to print extra tickets. You can purchase your regalia by contacting the Texas Book Company at or http: Application fees are not refundable.

Only Texas residents are eligible to pay in-state tuition, as long as the residents have lived in Texas for 12 months before the semester that they enroll and meet basic residency requirements.

Once you have dkssertation 12 graduate credit hours, you must maintain a 3.

Deadlines for Submission

Below are the deadlines for submitting the proposal to Thesis and Dissertation Services TDS ; please keep in mind that all submission materials must be received by TDS on or before the provided date for the submission to be considered turned in on-time. All residency requirements should be met all course work completed. During the ceremony, you will have your picture taken two times by a professional photographer.