No student will be placed on an academic probation unless there is a valid reason. A team meeting is to occur between the teachers, child, and parentsto establish a proactive plan for the student to be successful. Modern chemistry chapter 4 homework answers. Our goal is to assist in the development of the whole child,so that our students can effectively meet the academic, social and emotional challenges that they are faced withevery day. Students should write their names, classes, and sections on all question sheets, answer sheets, and scratch papers using a pen only. This is the best way tobuild a strong academic record and to establish the reputation of involvement andresponsibility.

Sodas, chewing gum, chocolate, candy, sweets, and fried food are not sold to students. In case of an emergency, students maycall their parents from the administration office. Mothers or nannies will not be allowed into the Primary School buildings. The curriculum of the Upper School includes: Students will be placed in activities on a first-come-first-served basis as different activities have different capacities and vacancies. Upon entering the school all parents must present their car sticker to the security guards.

Do not disturb teachers in their classes. Students can enroll in up to three activities as the utmost. They are responsiblefor completing work that was missed as a result of a partial or whole day absence. Upon entering the school all parents must present their car sticker to the security guards.


thamer international school homework agenda

These courses are taken by students in Grades, Ten, Eleven and Twelve. Engaging the students in the learning production.

thamer international school homework agenda

Timeallotments should be about: Students missing classes lose essential instructions and place increased demands on classroom teachers in the areas of record-keeping, administering make-up work, etc. Students arriving late between 7: Possession of illegal substances. To be signed by all Intfrnational School Parents. Making up written work is only a partial substitution for classattendance.

Parents-Students Handbook (2016-2017)

Both boys and girls may wear a wristwatch. The diversity intrenational the co-curricular program ensures that no student is to be left behind, the activities tackle all interests and abilities.

thamer international school homework agenda

It usually involves an abuse of or an imbalance of power. According to the results of the make-up exam: Also provide healthy drinks in containers other than glass, which can be dangerous.

School canteens are opened from 7: Therefore, please make sure that they have internationap bottled water.

Once classes are full, prospective applicants will be placed on a waiting list, which does notguarantee placement. Good behavior may be rewarded by certificates awarded during the morning assemblies or by extra student merit points added on internayional report card. Both, the doctor and the nurses are involved in class visitations, assemblies on hygiene, health issues etc.


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A Community of Leaders and Learners – Thamer International Schools

To reinforce appropriate behavior in social and learning situations, parents are encouraged to: Students who lost something of value should report it immediately to their Head of School. It is our expectation that all students beco-operative, considerate and sensible in carrying out their primary task of attending school in orderto learn. It is important that families also discuss and promote healthy choices and balanced eating habits.

Our Vision To passionately deliver a unique academic experience that prepares our students to be socially responsible leaders in global communities and highly self-motivated learners in prestigious universities worldwide.

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Essay on uses of trees and plants. Under no circumstances will a final exam be administered before thescheduled date of the exam. All subjects will be graded out of Short essay kalpana chawla.