The March of the Artists. Generic feedback may be oral, written, posted on a website or other. Consent from that place or group must be obtained, the assessment guidelines will clarify how this can be achieved. Read the full Student Charter Supporting Diversity at UCLan UCLan recognises and values individual difference and has a public duty to promote equality and remove discrimination on various grounds including race, gender, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation and age. The purpose of this information is to enable the reader to locate the work and consult. Programme specifications can show how modules can be combined into whole qualifications. If you submit work within 5 working days following the published submission date you will obtain the minimum pass mark for that element of assessment.

All applicants are interviewed and will be subject to numeracy, literacy and values based assessment, dependant on their chosen progression route. School Presidents meanwhile are annually elected representatives who voice the opinions of students within each school. Criminology with Forensic Psychology Programme Specification 1. The specified grounds for appeal are: Name of final Award s 3. The information provided will be useful at various stages in your course of study.

Institute of Education, University of London Name of final. Any student who is found to make false entries can be disciplined under the student guide to regulations. This activity is free and suitable for all ages. Representation and campaigning for students rights is at the core of what the Students Union does and is encompassed by its tag line of Making Life Better for Students.

Knowledge and Understanding of With your agreement information will be passed on to the Disability Advisory Service.

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In general, modules or other units of study have stated outcomes, often set out in handbooks provided by institutions to inform student choice. Ability to be reflexive and to integrate theories into counselling and psychotherapy practice.


We are based in the entrance to Foster building and are open from This means that all quotes, ideas, opinions, music and images should be acknowledged and referenced within fssay assignments. In addition to the ongoing discussion with the course team throughout the year, there are a range of mechanisms for you to feed back about your experience of teaching and learning which are outlined below.

As a result you are required not only to respect confidentiality but also to maintain the anonymity of individuals and any organisations they might be affiliated with.

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Summative assessment is an essential part of your modules. Clearly state that this is the case at the beginning of your work.

Issues which will be of importance may include: If you wish to make contact with your External Examiner, extenxion should do this through your Course Leader and not directly. It may be possible for you to obtain consent to use information for academic purposes. Gavin Renshaw’s work for the The Expanded City project has culminated in a cycling resource that collates routes, information and existing infrastructure within a single, visual inventory.

Course Handbook BA (Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy Studies September 2018/19

In addition the course involves a high degree of reflexivity which is central to the majority of the modules Hclan School of Health Student Handbook Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education. Programme Specification Section 1: Teaching institution Middlesex University.

Jill s specialism is in working therapeutically with children and young people. Plagiarism describes copying from the works of another person without suitably attributing the published or unpublished works of others.

You are expected to attempt all required essau for each edtension for which you are registered, and to do so at the times scheduled unless authorised extensions, special arrangements for disability, or extenuating circumstances have been expressly agreed by the University to allow you to defer your assessment. All module handbooks will clearly state assessment marking criteria and submissions dates.


Development of values and beliefs and service users underpinning values esswy to the 6 Cs. When submitting evidence in support of assignments, your course tutors may indicate how sensitive information should be presented and handled. Board of Studies Accreditation: These intended learning outcomes relate directly to the curriculum, study and assessment methods and criteria used to assess performance.

Students are required to self-submit their own assignment yclan Turnitin and will be given access to the Originality Reports arising from each submission.

Course Handbook BA (Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy Studies September /19 – PDF

The Students Union building is located at the heart of the Preston campus, and is the hub for all student activities. Amanda Ryding is a Person Centred Counsellor and Supervisor with many years of experience of working in a variety of settings, she initially did her training with the NHS and then moved into working for HMP.

Differentiate between concepts of counselling and counselling skills. As a result, the role of artists and the contributions that they make to the places in which they live and work is becoming increasingly obscured.

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The process of investigation and penalties which will be applied can be reviewed in the Assessment Handbook. This specification provides a concise summary More information.

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Demonstrate knowledge of the research paradigm and methodologies appropriate to counselling and psychotherapy.