Video Robot Reviews Video Robot Demo 3d avatars video maker

Video Robot Reviews 3 d avatar video maker

I’m super excited to reveal to you our video robot review,
which has been over a year in the making and it’s
absolutely revolutionary.
Why is really a video robot really revolutionary?

There are two elements here,and number one is video robot
comes with over 300 different templates loaded into the app.

Video Robot is “template based” with videos already
pre-built in hundreds of niches making this 3-click easy..

Video Robot has lip-synced text-to-speech talking Avatars
in dozens of languages Also:

Whiteboard Sketch (Like Easy Sketch Pro & Others)
Text Animation (Like VideoMaker FX & Explaindio)
Kinetic Motion Videos
Green Screen built in
Video Robot includes Commersial Rights, so you can use
them for clients,even at the tiny price
we’ll be charging – your jaw will drop at the price!

Video Robot comes loaded with…

3D Avatar Explainer’ 100+Video Templates
Kinetic Motion Animation’100+ Templates
Whiteboard’100+ Video Templates
Video Robot demo Blank Canvas to Create Videos From Scratch
Translate your video in Any Language to get mad traffic.

Unlike other video apps, Video Robot offers STUNNING
templates in the HOTTEST niches online including
health care, fitness, finance, local marketing, and a
whole lot more..

All templates come loaded with professional
male/female voice overs, pre-designed with stunning
visual effects, text and transitions.

Creating pro-quality videos and selling
for $500 or more is now EASY.

Get READY to be shocked as this feature packed
“VideoRobot” software is going to BLOW you away…

These are 100 kinetic motion animation templates
100 whiteboard video templates and 100 of 3d animation
avatar video templates and the cool part of this is
every detail has been done for them for these templates,
meaning we have the transition setup already.

We have the actual voiceovers,the audio that is
fully professionally done and on top of that we actually
have the transitions and the animations,the text effects
already done and all the user has to do,
is follow six simple steps,to create them and edit
any element of video robot templates.

If you want to remove a text effect you can do so,if you
want to add another text effect you can do so, and it
is mind-boggling how quickly you can do it,
and that’s what I’ll be showing you in this video.

Video Robot Reviews demo video

Yes you can create 3d avatar videos, the templates are right here,
you can choose them and you have kinetic animation templates,
and also whiteboard animation templates built in.+ 300 of these
built in into the app.

Now on top of that as well we’ve introduced something
that’s never been done before,absolutely a breakthrough
called the blank template.

The blank canvas is denoted here as blank template,
allows users to go beyond a template as well,
meaning they can immediately create their own animations
effects,import videos of their own from any source,
inputting images of their own and use our library of
text effects and animations and all kinds of cool tools are
built create their own videos from scratch.

If they choose to do so right so that gives a flexibility and
can create awesome videos and using the templates that we have.

But also gives that extra flexibility if you choose to go beyond
the templates and you want to create videos from scratch as well
meaning sales videos, promo videos, kinetic animation videos,
or even 3d and Avatar videos, and whiteboard videos, and you want
to do it in a custom way and you can do that.

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