Week of May 20 – May Module 13 Quiz May Let the Creative Juices Flow! Here is the logo for Good Year tires. Researching Potential Jobs – on Google Classroom. Skip to main content. Traces of Greek mythology can be found throughout society, from advertising campaigns to classic literature.

Nonfiction Reading Challenge – due May 7 You are required to read one of our nonfiction books by then. Take a deep breath and get mentally prepared for your task ahead! Greek Mythology and Advertising: We are very excited to use your mythology resource pages for parents to learn more about the 7th grade curriculum! Pilsner – Introductory Spanish.

Waunakee Community School District – Eagles Team Homework

The foot with a wing on it came from the ancient messenger waunakef Zeus, named Hermes. Quiz 12 on all roots – June 4 – Study!

Greek mythology reveals what behaviors were rewarded gens which were punished within ancient Greek culture. Module 13 Quiz May Process 3 Finally, you are at the last stage of the webquest.

Waunakee Community School District – GEMS Mythology Web Quest

Look around you and keep an eye and ear open for symbols that may have originated in Greek mythology. Pilsner – Continuing Spanish.

You may go on to Process 1 in waunakee to begin! Homework is helpful if it encourages students to think, practice new skills, or show initiative. Finally you will create your own modern Greek god or goddess, based on the values of our society today. You went above and beyond to present clear, accurate, and significant information. The founder of the company had a statue in their home, similar to the one pictured below.


waunakee gems homework

Experts say kids are much more likely to get organized if parents show them how. Take a deep breath and get mentally prepared for your task ahead! Ask to see homework that has been checked by a teacher.

waunakee gems homework

If parents request homework, it will be available outside of the MS office, by the end of the day 3: Thank you for your expertise! Study a little each day. This WebQuest of information is your passport. Spicer – General Music – 7th Grade. Ten minutes of this reading will be completed each day during homeroom, and the rest should be completed at home.

waunakee gems homework

The 7th grade Communication Arts teachers are looking to put together a resource book for parents. We are very excited to use your mythology resource pages for parents to learn more about the 7th grade curriculum!

It is your boarding pass, your entry ticket and you will create the guidebook. During this step of the webquest, you will choose one god or goddess to research You may choose a Titan or an Olympian. Communication Arts – Mrs.


Once you are an expert yourself, you will research one specific god or goddess, and create a biographical page for the resource book. Let the Creative Juices Flow! You will be creating a made-up character that represents a modern day value ie cell phones or AIM. Many times, these study habits must be learned. Your outfit, artifact, and information all intrigued the audience and made us reflect on society’s values.

Now you have developed a modern day god or goddess that represents one aspect of our modern society.

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We have seen your outstanding writing skills develop this year, and we have high fems for your ability to put together an overview of Greek mythology for your parents. You may do your own internet search or use the links provided from Process 1. Once you have successfully investigated the basics of Greek mythology and filled out the handout for Task 1, you may move on to Task 2.