Have been quite busy with invigilation till 5 today, so rushing to type out suggested answer right away when I reached home. Show posts by this member only Post 1. We only get our cert in early Apr. I will give the answer sheets only if you purchase more than 5 books. If you have been following my blogspot and my YouTube, I am sure you are interested to know where can you get the notes, right? I still find people failing the papers, so please don’t look down on the new system like its a parody or sub-graded assessment. Show posts by this member only Post 4.

Skip to content Skip to navigation. A- Overall during march: The sole intention I have for doing all of this is so people no longer have to guess what their results are gonna be and that STPM students can be more aware of what they’re doing. Back during my time, we had to cramp every damn thing into one final exam. Those high achievers also pay in efforts to secure good results. A My new result, thanks god for that PA Stpm pengajian am-tentera sent successfully!

 ̄Chemistry Project STPM 2015/2016_

Feb 26 xoursework, Well, I don’t think it’s fair to say either one is easier. I know that too and thanks for making that clear. Price for each book is RM 27 excluding postage fee. Feb 5 But this change of system has hardly made STPM so easy getting As is almost like sucking in a mouthful of air.


Chemistry coursework stpm 2016 experiment 7

My chemistry got an A. P This post has been edited by yellowpika: Though I have ways to check the results of literally all my schoolmates, that would be huge load of work and doing that could possibly make this harmless thread into a controversy. We definitely do know how they don’t calculate it though they don’t just take the grade point average across terms and then give you your final grade.

Feb 15 Feb 18 Hopefully it can help you to solve some of the riddles in your mind. Haha I personally feel there’s no harm for doing this because any student could simply go around in their school asking people’s results and do this privately.

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Is anyone good with that chemistrt of thing? Mar 2 I have a theory to how they calculate it but it requires a lengthy explanation. Refer to the specific census and withdrawal dates for the semester s in which this unit is offered. D They will, just not today. Contoh kerja kursus pbs stpm pengajian am pengajian am-tentera kerja kursus pbs stpm pengajian am sent successfully.

chemistry coursework stpm 2016

Back during my time, we had to cramp every damn thing into one final exam. There are a fair share of challenges in this new system.

FYI, I understand how our seniors struggled, because my sister went through the terminal system. You got it as well? Btw this is my case. He got 3As 1B- On one hand he says it’s been cut down to make you study less and sit for less by term which is actually a good way to do it but on the other hand, you have no escape from topics that are not your strength.


chemistry coursework stpm 2016

Chemistry coursework stpm Buy a research paper reviews Character analysis of death of a salesman willy Essay writer service uk Write a 10 page xtpm paper for me. Not sure if it’s legal though lol. I earn them because I worked for them!


It has to be at the full approval courseeork the result holders that we use their results for a statistic like this. Track this topic Receive email notification when a reply has been made to this topic and you are not active on the board.

However, in this new system, since many papers are taken, every single thing will be tested. Oh, sorry bout my carelessness. Feb 6 I am thinking of doing this with an online form-filling system. This post chhemistry been edited by bb