This position included relationship building and gaining confidence with surgeons and therapists to treat their patients with specialty devices. I have returned the device after 2 months of use. The truth was that the claim was pending. Because it is small, there are very limited growth or advancement opportunities though. Way to leave me in limbo, very unprofessional Extremely hard working and fun to be around.

They were very thorough and sufficient through the hiring process. I am seeking a refund not for the initial amount, but for the ridiculous one month charge. Are you sure you want to replace it? They tell you to keep the product for as long as possible so they can keep charging your insurance. I consider myself blessed and very fortunate to have worked with every team member and always learning something new to better my career and personal life.

Great Job But no advancements. I met with the owner’s wife, she was lovely. I have reviewed your account and found that your buskness account representative is working this account and has sent an appeal to your insurance company for the date of service outstanding. Overall, I would highly recommend this company to someone who is looking to start a medical sales career.

Its a three way sell to fill a Dynasplint order so hone your skills before applying. My husband was fitted for a split for his wrist.


Dynasplint Systems, Inc Employee Reviews

Also it is your responsibility to understand your insurance. Making a difference in patients lives and building great relationships. I drove over an hour to attend a second interview and at poan end of the interview I asked if I would be given a response as to whether or not I would qualify for the job position. This position included relationship building and gaining confidence with surgeons and therapists dynasplunt treat their patients with specialty devices.

I explained that I never received a bill and asked for one to be mailed to me. My hopes are that DSI will come back stronger and better.

Unfortunately in employee were laid off but the company still had some employees working the business it was a great work environment and the overtime was appreciated. The company is open to suggestions from their employees.

It is our goal to retain you as a satisfied customer and hope to serve you again in the future.

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Fun work with a great product. Your input is valuable to us — would you mind trying again? Fun flexible and dynamic schedule. The process took a week.

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You do have an approved waiver on file that covers co-payments. Everyone thinks they are a manager or someone above you.

Dynasplint Systems Interview Questions

Dynasplint Systems Interview Questions. Poor Communication and transparency.

The most enjoyable part of my job was helping patients get better faster with their rehabilation. I put the device away in a nusiness and they continued to bill my insurance company month after month until I canceled my insurance. Interview First, I had a phone interview in which I thought went extremely well and was told on the phone interview that she was interested in having me speak with her supervisor for a second phone interview.


Extremely businrss working and fun to be around. Very productive and busy work environment.

dynasplint business plan

Great Company with amazing support from management and ownership. The company is unfortunately not looking like it’s going to make it and I need to take care of my family. And, ultimately the taking valuable information I have aquired and applying it to ensure overall success. I hope this matter has been resolved to your satisfaction.

Phone call with regional manager, video call with national sales director, video call with division sales director, phone call with national training director, in-person with regional manager. I interviewed at Dynasplint Systems in March ydnasplint Great Company to work for and fun people to work with.

I interviewed at Dynasplint Systems.