Is it sufficient to provide the minimum requirements which are announced on the GSNAS web page for admission and for acceptance? For special student processes, you should check student affairs web page http: Can Diploma gradute certificate be loaded instead of trancript? However, it is recognized that the wrong application was made Is it possible to correct the error? Student certificate should be taken in last two months. Can foreign students apply for graduate programs without offering GRE certificate?

For minimum application requirements for each department, please see the application criteria from the Gradute School of Natural Applied Sciences web site. Those who are enrolled in any non-thesis program after 06 February cannot register for doctoral programs. Claims will not be accepted for this issue. This obstacle must be removed university or academic staff should remove the obstacle. Who should I get the reference letter s from? Do I still have to upload transcripts?

After this date, it is not possible to load reference letters into the system. Conditional acceptance can also be made within the scope of the Government Scholarships granted to foreign students. Yes you need to upload transcripts.

An acceptance or thesks reject mail will be sent to the e-mail address you registered in the system after the approval of Institute Board of Directors. It is not possible to complete any deficiency or making any correction after the expiry of the application period.


How can I add it? The contact form on our web site https: Final decision is given by the department.

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Skip to main content. Can foreign applicants apply with ALES score? The program I am applying for requires 65 points. However, the department may determine higher application criteria.

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Do Meru have to pay the application fee? Should application fee be paid for each department seperatly, if multiple applications are made? Applications with incomplete or incorrect documents will not be accepted. When the application date is over, the system closes. You can upload as a PDF document. Can any student enrolled in a non-thesis program be enrolled in the doctoral program? If your dual citizenship is from a country with an fbee English language and if you have graduated from an institution providing English language courses, you can exemp from English.

You can upload up to date received in the last 2 months student certificate to this section on the online application system. If this is not done, the last information recorded theiss the system is valid.

However, special student status is not included in this scope. Who should I get the reference letter s from? It is not possible for the students to complete their documents after the application deadline.


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It is valid for 5 years from the date of the exam result document. Can I still apply? For special student processes, you should check student affairs web page http: I’m studying at a university abroad. Candidates who apply for graduate programs are not required to re-certify their English proficiency, provided that the students who registered in graduate programs at the University for at least one semester in the last four semesters from the date of application.

Can Diploma gradute certificate be loaded instead of trancript? In this case, an automatic mety is sent tehsis the students by the METU computer system. Should I get the recognition or equivalency certificate of the university I graduated from?

metu fbe thesis

Can I deposit the application fee in Turkish Lira? Does the student certificate have to be up-to-date?

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I graduated from a university abroad. Claims will not be accepted for this issue. Please check the FBE web site for the minimum application requirements https: