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What is Better AIOP or Trafficwave?Honest review Trafficwave vs Aiop

Aiop or Trafficwave? Trafficwave vs Aiop

Let the numbers talk,what is better Aiop or Trafficwave))
Any marketer needs business tools.
We are not talking about Aweber or Getresponse,
because its very expensive for no reason,
has only 1 level deep and lately,
most of their emails goes to spam.

When i am looked on trafficwave,
what i’ve notice at first,
that its only autoresponder and nothing else.
So,i still need to buy somewhere hosting for my blogs,
lead pages service and url tracker.

Its trafficwave + 3 more different services to pay for every month.

Than i studied trafficwave comp plan
Take a look at yourself.

Aiop or Trafficwave compensation plan

Trafficwave 39 people and you got only $45….
Plus read below on this picture…
Every month you need to have 5 paid active members…
Only than you get paid on 5 more levels..

Guys)) Listen..When i see those funny pictures
like “fill our 10.000 people matrix and you will be
millionaire”…I understand only one point clearly
=97% cant even get one person to their business….

Zero.. No one. Do you still believe in spillovers?
Well,one leader cant spill thousands of those 97%…

The majority will stay on this level 3 forever ….

Aiop or Trafficwave? Which is better?

Look on the picture of trafficwave payplan again…
9 people and you have an amazing money= $9))

Trafficwave or Aiop vs Trafficwave

If your 9 or even 5 people will quit,
Than you will Not receive 5 more levels deep..

You have to get 5 more,and where is passive income here?
You need to work non stop to cover those matrix quiters.

Aiop or Trafficwave what to choose?

From thousands of people, which is working in the matrixes,
i know only 2 that made good money there.
Its impossible to beat this 0.75 cents per person…

Thats looks good on the picture,but reality is
most of the people will do nothing and wait for spillovers.

You’ll need thousands of people below to make decent money.

Now,lets see what is Aiop and their numbers.

First at all, Aiop has all business tools in 1 place.
Hosting,lead pages,autoresponder,url tracker.

I bet Aiop the last service on the planet, which send Inbox Always.

Aiop or Trafficwave compensation plan

Now lets see the Aiop compensation plan.. Membership cost $21

One Person pays you $15 every month.
Even up system,so number 1 3 5 7 9 paying you,
number 2 4 6 8 10 to your sponsor.

And all theirs number 2 4 6 8 10 paying you $15
And theirs..To Infinity.

Ok,trafficwave regular levels without any fairytales= 39 people =$45
Aiop 39 people x $15= $585 every month

Do you want to work for 0.75 cents per person with
mandatory qualifications? or for $15 per person
without any qualifications?

I am talking about the facts Only.Nothing personal.

You can make $500 easy while you are building any business.

Aiop business tools 2018

Unlimited Autoresponder InBox Always
Unlimited Subscribers
Unlimited Compains
Unlimited Broadcasting
Unlimited Lead Pages drag and drop
Your Hosting with Unlimited Domains
Multiple Blogs,Url Tracker
Video Creation Soft
Youtube Secrets to Rank #1
Seo Secret Trainings
Marketing Library,1000 YT Views,
Lots of my personal bonuses
500.000 video views Free and every month
Banners on the most famous sites BBC FOX CCN ANY!
90.000 sites visitors Free every Month.

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