Graduates have a 95 percent placement rate in graduate school or a career within a year of graduation. UVU is committed to student success and provides personalization and real-world experiences. The program is available both on campus and through the eCampus. Overview Ranked one of the top universities nationally by U. Whatever your economics-related career goals, the 50 degree programs listed below are your best bet to achieve them. Students often double-major in Sociology and another social science such as Psychology or Political Science.

Graduates advance to graduate study or begin careers in banks, insurance companies, money management firms, government positions, non-financial corporations, international organizations, the Federal Reserve System, research organizations, and regulatory agencies. Sociology department courses Courses cross-listed in Sociology Applied art courses, such as courses on a musical instrument Courses that satisfy the foreign language requirement You must see a Sociology advisor early in your junior year for formal approval of your supporting coursework on your Major Plan of Study form. Completing this form takes about 20 minutes, and should be done by the second semester of your junior year. The diverse undergraduate student body numbers over 25, Today, WVSU serves a richly diverse group of 3, students. In addition to these courses, students select business electives, economics electives, and free choice electives that relate to their personal interests and career goals.

They explore economic theory, organizational frameworks, quantitative analytical methods, and applications to industries and public policy issues. Utah State has four emphases tracks: Graduates enjoy careers as economists, statisticians, data analysts, advisors, revenue agents, and loan officers. Students choose from economics courses such as: The Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in International Business and Economics with a broad understanding of business principles and finance.

uiuc econ supporting coursework

The BBA in Economics uiiuc students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in a wide range of careers. The university is responsible for groundbreaking research and boasts 90 Nobel Prize winners, including six current faculty members.


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Program Features The Bachelor of Arts in Economics program focuses on how individuals, businesses, governments, and societies create, manage, use, and distribute resources.

All courses require a grade of C or C minus. This degree program prepares students for successful careers in business, public service, academics, and government service. You must talk to an advisor in your minor department and you must formally notify LAS by the beginning of your last semester about your intentions to graduate with a minor.

uiuc econ supporting coursework

The school is located in Institute, Virginia, just a few miles from the capital city of Charleston. They courseqork to think critically about making choices under conditions of limited resources and the economic and societal consequences of these decisions.

Kennesaw State enrolls more than 35, students and offers over degree programs. The liberal arts institution was founded in Students take business core courses, economics core courses, and electives in accounting, economics, or finance. Students must earn a total of 32 hours of credit in sociology. If students take courses in other departments, they will not count as sociology uiux unless they are cross listed courses.

Applicants must have a GPA of 2. Although a relatively small school, Clarion offers student organizations, numerous internship and study abroad opportunities, and more than academic programs.

The university suppoorting noted for providing hands-on experiences and unique research opportunities to its students.

Economic Development International Economics Monetary Economics Economics of Sports Notables Students are also encouraged to select a minor coursrwork to their career goals. The public research university was founded insix years before the state of North Dakota was established.

Economics majors must take courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, and mathematics like statistics or calculus. Overview Founded by the Texas legislature inthe University of Texas at San Antonio is a public research university serving over 32, students. For example if a student takes an alternate statistics course, such as STATthey will have fulfilled the course requirement, but will not earn sociology hours. The university has a BBA degree with a major in Economics. Both options require similar courses, but the BA is more exclusively focused on economics.


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Minors include political science, psychology, foreign languages, sociology, English, and criminal justice. With enrollment totaling over 38, students, UNT is one zupporting the largest universities in the nation. Topics may include the problem of social order and the nature of social conflict; capitalism and bureaucracy; the relationship between social structure and politics; and the evolution of modern societies.

Courses focus on analysis and report generation in areas like production and distribution, consumer behavior, price determination, and policies affecting employment, income, and inflation. Studying economics can lead to careers in business, banking, government, public policy, private enterprise, education, and more. It also teaches suppirting to analyze and write about economic problems and policy issues.

This course is an introduction to the foundations of sociological theory. Graduates may pursue graduate study or go straight into careers as economists, actuaries, sales analysts, and more. Economic Ideas and Supportinh Issues International Economics International Business Financial Markets and Institutions Managerial Economics Notables Students must complete the business core 27 credit hoursthe international business and economics major 39 credit hoursand major electives 27 credit hours with a minimum of 12 economics or finance hoursas well as general education requirements.


uiuc econ supporting coursework