Fees are listed on the Diplomas Mailing Request and are subject to change. To clear the financial debt, contact the Student Business Services Office at Anyone ordering a replacement diploma also needs to provide a clear copy of proof of identity containing a photo. May, as published in the Schedule of Classes at www. Students who are not making satisfactory progress will be granted one full academic year to reach missed milestones. Doctoral students must submit a preliminary degree plan at the conclusion of the first year. Graduate students must begin the application process with their program advisors.

Nine 9 semester hours of upper-division undergraduate courses approved for graduate credit are the maximum allowable in any program of study. Every proposed program of study needs the approval of the Graduate School. Minimum Criteria The candidate must exhibit the necessary proficiency in the proposed language to conduct in-depth, quality research as determined by the faculty of the doctoral program. Doctoral Milestones All newly admitted doctoral students are required to meet with their doctoral program advisor and sign a New Doctoral Student Milestones Agreement during the first semester of enrollment in the program. Fees are listed on the Diplomas Replacement Request and subject to change. Thesis Requirements The candidate must be accepted into a graduate program prior to pursuing the thesis.

The purpose of tbesis New Doctoral Student Milestones Agreement is to ensure that doctoral students are aware of the academic milestones they are expected to reach in order to earn their doctoral degree. Acceptance of the thesis or dissertation by the Graduate School. However, for mailing service outside the United States there is a service fee.

This represents a minimum standard and individual programs may require students to enroll in more hours. Every master’s degree program is based on the assumption that the student participating in it already possesses a general college education through the baccalaureate level. The prospect of publication of dissertation research findings in the proposed language is important to the discipline.

The dissertation guidelinds in the alternative language must be helpful to the candidate’s professional and scholarly development. It should be noted that a replacement diploma may not be identical in all respects to the original.


A posthumous degree can be awarded only if the student was enrolled in courses that would have allowed the student to complete all work for the degree, and thexis the student had the appropriate grade point average theeis the required areas for graduation. Undergraduate courses taken for graduate credit will require additional work, the amount and nature of which are determined by the instructor.

Maymester and Wintermester Full-time 3 or more hours per term Maymester and Wintermester Part-time 2 or less hours Maymester and Wintermester Maximum course load is 6 hours.

To earn the six 6 hours of thesis credit, the student must register in course when work on the thesis is begun. General and specific requirements for degrees in the Graduate School may be altered in successive catalogs. Diplomas are mailed to the address provided by the student. Students who are not making satisfactory progress will be granted one full academic year to reach missed milestones.

General Degree Requirements < University of Texas at El Paso

Coursework Requirements Prerequisites Every master’s degree program is based on the assumption that the student participating in it already possesses a general college education through the baccalaureate level. The student will receive email confirmation from the Graduate School upon approval of the dissertation format. Graduation Requirements Degrees are conferred at the end of each semester and at the end of the summer session.

Formal commencement ceremonies guiselines held in May for all candidates who complete degree requirements during the spring semester and in December for fall candidates. For gukdelines verification to financial aid, loan agencies, insurance companies, scholarships, etc. Institutional Policy for Doctoral Dissertations guidelinees Languages other than English The language in which doctoral dissertations are written and defended is assumed to be English.

General Degree Requirements

The degree will be posted to the transcript with the commencement date for each long semester and the last day of finals for the long summer session. The student must register in dissertation I, course or when work on the dissertation is begun.


El Paso, Texas The request may also be sent by email attachment to graduation utep.

utep thesis guidelines

The non-thesis is reviewed and accepted by the supervising committee and, if required, submitted to the academic graduate department rather than to the Graduate School. Dissertation students must be enrolled in dissertation during the semester the dissertation is defended and during yuidelines semester of graduation.

Graduate students enrolled in on-line programs offered through UTEP Connect take courses in 7 week terms throughout the year.

Theses are regarded as publications and will be made public once they are approved and submitted to the Graduate School. Students cannot enroll in and simultaneously, nor can they enroll in more than three 3 hours of thesis at any one time. All members of the supervising committee must be members of the graduate faculty.

Non-thesis students must guidelibes enrolled during the semester of graduation. Students whose yhesis are conferred in October are invited to participate in the December commencement ceremony. Professional doctoral programs may require the completion of an internship or professional report or formal papers in lieu of a dissertation.

utep thesis guidelines

A hard copy of guidelimes signature page and defense form signed by the thesis committee must also be submitted to the Graduate School. Fulltime classification for non-thesis students is granted for one term only, the final term. To maintain financial aid eligibility, all graduate students must enroll for a minimum of six hours every Fall and Spring semester, and six total hours in Summer sessions.

The candidate for the doctoral degree writes a dissertation under the direction of a supervising committee.